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Don’t get caught out without a reliable source of power, get your hands on a small 12V battery charger by Victron, Dometic or CTEK.


Stay Powered Up with A 12V Battery Charger

A 12V battery charger is an essential piece of kit for any caravan, camper trailer or 4WD. Together with a caravan battery, your battery charger will let you power your van and camping electronics and appliances wherever you venture. Our range of AC to DC 12V battery chargers let you charge your battery from a generator or mains power, if you have access, making them a super convenient way to stay powered up.

Top Brand 12V Battery Chargers

Buy a 12V battery charger from a top brand and you know you can rely on the technology to go the distance. That’s why at My Generator we stock brands like Victron, Dometic and CTEK. Find a range of 12V battery chargers for different applications. Need a DC connector? Choose a 12V battery charger with a DC connector included. Want an easy way to jump start your vehicle? Choose the battery charger and jump starter power bundle from Dometic. These brands offer an exceptional 5-year warranty on their products too – now that’s value for money!

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