Walk-Behind Trowels

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Our range of walk behind trowels offer perfect balance, next level serviceability and precision engineering. What more could you ask for! Our walk behind trowel range features leading brands including Crommelins and Hoppt so contractors can choose the ideal machine for commercial, residential and general construction work.


Make Easy Work of Concreting with A Walk Behind Trowel

When you want to complete a concrete slab, a walk behind trowel makes it easy to get a precise finish. These walk behind trowels are lightweight enough to transport in a ute, while having the power to produce a trowelled floor on concrete that is too stiff to otherwise be done with manual tools. Save effort on every job!

Shop Our Wide Range of Walk Behind Trowels

Choose from our range of walk-behind trowels. We sell industry standard sizes from 36” walk behind trowels to 46” models which are used on a wide range of projects. Shop our Hoppt range of walk behind trowel machines which incorporate amazing balance, improve serviceability, precision engineered gear boxes and cast-iron spiders. Choose from two different engine options for your needs, plus a wide range of accessories including pan, finish blades, and combi blades. Compare our walk behind towels from top brands today.