Storm Preparation: Water Pumps

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Need help? Water Pump Buyer's Guide

Whether you are preparing for bushfires, running large pressure sprinkler systems, or transferring water from a below ground tank, our range of quality stormwater pumps will have you covered. Our range Water Master, Pumpmaster, and Crommelins come with all the features you need in a reliable pump.


Get Prepared with a Stormwater Pump

A stormwater pump is designed to do one very simple thing: move large amounts of water from one place to where you need it. We sell a wide range of pumps for use around properties. Looking for a firefighting water pumps? Choose from pumps in our range with a higher pressure so it can pump water further and faster. This makes them ideal for high pressure water transfer, spray irrigation, high pressure spraying, wash down and more.

Top-Rated Stormwater Pumps

Water Master offers a pump with a special fire hose kit so you are prepared to fight spot fires on the go. Some pumps come with an electric start, meaning they are easier to start when you need them most. The Crommelins Robin firefighting water pump also comes with a trolley so it’s easy to transport to the right spot. Choose the right stormwater pump for your needs and budget today.