Ride-On Trowels

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Need to finish a large piece of concrete? Here at My Generator, we offer ride on trowel machines for both seasoned pros and entry level users. Check out the industry leading machines by Hoppt below.


Pros Of a Ride on Trowel Machine

Ride-on trowel machines have revolutionised concrete finish smoothing, making it easier to get the perfect finish whether you’re a pro or beginner. The best thing about a ride on trowel machine is that it reduces the time and effort needed to get the best result but doesn’t sacrifice the finish. With a ride on trowel machine, you can efficiently apply smooth finishes to large concrete slabs found in many construction jobs.

Industry Leading Machines by Hoppt

Don’t settle for a low quality, cheap ride on trowel machine. Our range of machines by Hoppt are lightweight yet heavy-duty machines that make it easier to get a smooth finish. Choose from our range depending on your needs. We sell three models offering reliability and a great combination of power and size, which will be the perfect fit for your application.
Choose from 36” and 46” ride on trowel machines. The 46” machine comes in a petrol or diesel model, with a hydraulic joystick power steering for smooth manoeuvrability. Shop our range of machines now.