Rebar Tying Machines

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Forget strenuous and repetitive rebar tying with your bare hands. Buy an automatic rebar tie machine and save time and labour – not to mention the risk of muscle injuries.


Automatic Rebar Tie Machine

Need a rebar tie machine? Our automatic rebar tie machine is the go-to solution for rebar tying work. This rebar tie machine by Rapid Tool delivers a world class machine based on the rigorous rebar tying requirements across the industry. It will save you time and labour as you won’t need to tie with your bare hands.

Save Labour with A Rebar Tie Machine

When you’re working with rebar, sometimes you need to tie the metal rods in place so that the structure for the project is robust enough to withstand the laying of concrete. Because it’s one of the most repetitive steps you can do, the best approach is with an automatic rebar tie machine. The Rapid Tool 30-60mm rebar tie machine is an outstanding machine that can tie steel around rebar in 0.8 seconds flat! That’s around 70 ties every 1 minute! You’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. The machine is built sturdy and strong so you can be sure it will take the daily wear and tear and the harsh conditions of any construction site. And because it only weighs 2.8kg, you easily carry it from job to job.