Rebar Cutter

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Handle rebar with ease using a rebar cutter from our range. Here at My Generator, we offer a range of rebar cutters including electric and raw strength models to make short work of your next concreting or masonry job.


Electric Rebar Cutters

Rebar is designed to reinforce infrastructure, so it’s not meant to be easy to cut! But with an electric rebar cutter from our range, you can make light work of handling rebar. We stock electric rebar cutters from Rapid Tool’s Reo Mech, so you know you are getting a quality piece of kit that you can rely on for every job. Choose the right size for your rebar cutting operations from 16mm to 32mm.

Raw Strength

Designed with raw strength, this range of rebar cutters means you will save time and effort on the job. Slice through the metal with power and precision using the rebar cutter in the right size. And because the tools are designed to perform with maximum precision and are safety tested, you can keep yourself and your workers safe on the job. These rebar cutters are also designed for portability, which means they are lightweight enough to transport around the job site. Shop our rebar cutters online today.