Rebar Bender

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Handling rebar on a construction site can be tricky! That’s why we offer a quality rebar bender range, including portable machines that will deliver performance and flexibility for the job. When it comes to quality, reliability and productivity, these rebar benders tick all the boxes!


Rebar Bending Made Easy

Rebar is the essential material across private and public construction. It’s rare that you won’t need rebar reinforcement in your work. Whether you’re a mason, concreter, builder, or contractor, you’ll need to reliably produce clean and precise bends in working pieces of rebar. That’s where a rebar bender comes in. But not just any rebar bender – for a rebar bender you can rely on from job to job, check out our range by Reo Merch.

Portable Rebar Benders

Buy a portable rebar bender you can use for any job. Our range of rebar benders includes portable machines to help you get the job done with no fuss. Choose the rebar bender for your job, including a bend diameter of 4-16mm, 6-25mm, 6-32mm and 4-25mm depending on your needs. That’s more than enough for an average rebar bending tasks on your construction site! Shop rebar benders in our range and make every job easier.