Reo Mech Electric Rebar Cutter 25mm ERC-25


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Product Description

Reo Mech Electric Rebar Cutter 25mm ERC-25, 1 year warranty

  • Superior performance & power
  • Quick cut – under 3.0 seconds
  • Industrial strength forged working head
  • 220-240V electric motor (110‑120V available)
  • Superior quality hydraulics
  • Increase efficiency and safety on site


Why do you need the REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter?

Think about your construction site for a minute, especially about the material, that plays the most pivotal role in erecting the structure that you are working on? Which material, do you think, holds the key to the strength, resilience and stability of the building that is being created by your team? Which material, do you think, is the most prominently used of them all and yet the trickiest to handle? If you are a true-blue construction engineer, your answer will, of course, be rebar – reinforced steel rods meant to form the core of the structure being constructed. Rebar becomes the solid support structure that a concrete building needs to remain sturdy and unwavering. But rebar isn’t all that easy to handle either – consider trying to cut and bend a 25mm thick steel rod and you’ll get the picture. While many manually as well as electronically powered rebar cutters are available in the market, most tend to be inefficient, unsafe and exhausting to use. And so, the most trusted and preferred provider of construction engineering tools in Australia – Rapid Tool – has taken matters into its own hands. Our incessant efforts to search for the very best machines for our clients has yielded an amazing finding – the REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter. This powerful electronic hydraulic rebar cutter is the answer you have been looking for to resolve all your rebar worries once and for all!

The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter – Key Specifications

We, at Rapid Tool, believe that every construction handyman needs and deserves only the best and most powerful equipment to be able to execute on-site tasks with efficiency and precision. Simple things such as the weight of the electric rebar cutter to the speed with which it cuts through the metal and even the method it follows to get the job done can have a major impact on a worker’s overall productivity. That is why our team at Rapid Tool has worked extremely hard to find this one machine that strikes the right balance between all the expectations that a user can have from a rebar cutter. And our search has unearthed this amazing machine – the REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm that offers a host of key specs and features meant to make the life of a construction engineer easy. Let’s explore:

  • Meant for operations involving thicker reinforced steel rods, this electric hydraulic rebar cutter has a Cut Diameter range of 4 to 25mm (500MPa).
  • The machine runs on a powerful yet reliable Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz Electric Motor – a configuration that can handle any heavy-duty jobs that it is required to perform.
  • To power this amazing machine, you will require a stable Power Input of 1550W.
  • When it comes to efficiency and performance, this electric hydraulic rebar cutter is a no-holds-barred, mean machine. It offers a lightning fast Cut Speed, capable of slicing through 25mm rebar in less than 3 seconds!
  • This is a machine that is designed to make the life of a construction worker easy. With an overall weight of just 24kg, the REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter is highly portable and convenient.
  • With its total frame measuring 48cm X 15cm X 26cm, this electric rebar cutter is quite easy to carry, use and store.
  • And Rapid Tool’s REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter comes packed with a host of different accessories including a Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard.

The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter – Functional Benefits

The Rapid Tool team is always working towards finding the very best of electric rebar cutters and electric rebar benders in the market and bring them to our esteemed clientele of construction industry professionals. The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm is a machine that, we feel, will fit perfectly with your heavy-duty rebar cutting requirements. Here are the many functional benefits that you will get by trusting this machine:

  • Compared to the many rebar cutters available in the market, the REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm offers superior performance and power in every operation. We have tested it on ground and guarantee that you will love using it in your construction project.
  • The electric hydraulic rebar cutter uses an amazing combination of technology and accuracy to deliver lightning fast cuts. The machine can slice through a 25mm rebar rod in less than 30 seconds, helping you save precious time and effort on-site.
  • The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm comes fitted with an industrial strength forged working head, designed to deliver optimum performance even in the harshest of working conditions. When the going gets tough, this tough rebar cutter gets going!
  • Rapid Tool offers this electric hydraulic rebar cutter in two variants – with the 220-240V electric motor and with a 110-120V electric motor. Choose based on your power requirements.
  • The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm strikes the perfect balance between power and precision, with superior quality hydraulics available to deliver amazing functionality and reliable performance, every time.
  • And finally, this is a machine that makes rebar cutting safer than ever before. Its no-sparks cutting action and improved efficiency is all that you need to ensure project smoothness and a happy workforce.

The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm Rebar Cutter – The Rapid Tool Advantage

At Rapid Tool, we know what the construction world needs and how it moves. Why? – Because we have been there ourselves! Ours is a business that was founded and is managed by construction engineers who have been on the ground, doing everything that needs to be done to get a project standing. And hence, we know the difference that a smart piece of tech can make to the overall operations. The right tools can facilitate a project immensely, providing much needed productivity and efficiency while ensuring worker safety. The wrong tool, on the other hand, can seriously jeopardise results, cause unnecessary delays and wastage of material and even put the health and well-being of your onsite engineers. And so, we have made it our business to find the best of electric rebar cutters and electric rebar benders out there so you never have to compromise with anything less than what your project deserves.

The REO-MECH ERC-25 Electric 4-25mm rebar cutter is just the right tool that a construction site needs. Our team has ground-tested the machine, put it through some of the most stringent quality checks and we are happy to say that this is an electric rebar cutter that checks out on all our expected standards. And so, it is with immense confidence that we are offering this beast of a machine to you. Trust us when we say that you should consider investing in it.

Waeco CFX-35 Product Manual



Brand Reo Mech

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Rebar Tools

Model ERC-25

Cut Diameter 4‑25mm – 650N/mm2

Electric Motor Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz

Weight (kg) 24

Accessories Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard

Cut Speed < 3.0 sec

Power input (AC230V) 1550W

Overall Dimensions 48cm X 15cm X 26cm


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