Reo Mech Electric Industrial Rebar Bender Cutter 4-25mm CRBC-25


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Product Description

Reo Mech Electric Industrial Rebar Bender Cutter 4-25mm CRBC-25, 1 year warranty


Why do you need the REO-MECH CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Bender and Cutter?

Construction engineering as a field, is just as challenging as it is exciting. The feeling of witnessing your envisioned build project comes to life in front of your eyes cannot be described in words. Each and every stage of this process gives engineers a chance to take on a new challenge. However, handling rebar is one part of this process that tends to be the most troublesome for engineers and workers. The task of bending, cutting and shaping solid steel bars is no cakewalk, especially in the absence of the right tools and tech to provide assistance with the job. Every bend and every cut has to be executed with upmost precision here to ensure that all requirements of the build are adhered to. Even the slightest of mistakes here can severely compromise the structural integrity of the building being erected. It can also put the safety of your workers at stake. In such a scenario, it is the duty of a project manager to ensure that his workers have an access to the best tools and machinery to handle rebar. And to help you with this endeavour, we at Rapid Tool are here with some of the best solutions that the industry has to offer. If you are one who prefers to get the best of both the worlds with your rebar equipment purchase, here is a product that you can rely upon to deliver on all your expectations every time you will switch this machine on! Introducing the REO-MECH CRBC-25 rebar bender and cutter– a machine that will make the lives of your construction team extremely easy.

The CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Bender and Cutter – Key Specifications

One of the more difficult aspects of handling rebar is making sure that the cut or bend is executed exactly in accordance with the required parameters, while ensuring that the strength and durability of the metal rod isn’t impacted in any way. Manual execution of these tasks generally involves a lot of errors and rework, which often contributes towards material wastage and build inaccuracies which may even put the project’s stability at stake. Manual handling of rebar can also adversely impact the health and wellness of your construction workers who often have to rely on brute strength to get the job done. The effect of this repeated strenuous activity can harm their musculoskeletal system as well – an issue that demands immediate attention. The CRBC-25 rebar bender cutter offers a host of different features that we, at Rapid Tool, feel can reduce these issues and ensure maximum productivity, safety and efficiency in your rebar operations. Let’s check out some of the key specs of this rebar cutters and bender:

  • This bar bender cutter runs on a dependable Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz Electric Motor that is powerful enough to handle your rebar operations, no matter how heavy duty they may be.
  • The machine requires a Power Input (Bender) of 1050W and a Power Input (Cutter) of 1550W to do its job with the finesse expected from it.
  • The total weight of the machine is 136kg and its frame measures a total of 50cm x 45cm x 79cm – quite a portable and easy to use machine, don’t you think?
  • The Maximum Bending Capacity of the CRBC-25 rebar bender cutter is 25mm (500MPa) while its minimum Bending Capacity is 6mm
  • The machine offers a striking Bending angle range of 0-180° with a Bending Pin Diameter of 80mm/105mm
  • The Maximum Cutting Capacity of the CRBC-25 rebar bender cutter is 25mm (500MPa) while its minimum Cutting Capacity is 4mm.

The CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Bender and Cutter – Functional Benefits

Rapid Tool prides itself at being a partner to the construction industry. We believe that it is our job to ensure that you get an access to the very best of rebar cutter benders and other tools related to the industry. Our team genuinely has run the distance when it comes to testing these machines on ground to assess their actual performance as against their claimed parameters. And in all our searches, the CRBC-25 Reo bender cutter has emerged as a cut above the rest. We genuinely believe that is machine will make your rebar handling process more streamlined, efficient and productive and are proud to present an array of functional advantages that the CRBC-25 can offer you:

  • First and foremost, this is a machine that has been designed and manufactured by REO-MECH – a brand that is known across the construction industry for its superior quality bar benders, cutters and other related tools.
  • The CRBC-25 runs on a powerful electric motor, designed to perform to optimum capacity every time you turn it on. This is one machine that you can always rely on to deliver.
  • The rebar cutter bender comes fitted with an industrial grade machine head – perfect for your heavy duty on-site operations.
  • This Reo bender cutter can cut down the time required to execute your rebar operations by a significant amount, making it easier and more convenient for workers to handle.
  • With an extensive bending angle range and cutting capacity, this rebar bender cutter is also rigged to execute extremely accurate cuts and bends. You won’t have to worry about meeting the task brief ever as long as you have the CRBC-25 handy on your construction site.
  • And finally, this rebar bender cutter gives you the benefits of two machines in one – making it a truly worthy investment for your project.

The CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Bender and Cutter – The Rapid Tool Advantage

Rapid Tool is one of the most trusted and preferred construction equipment suppliers in Australia and it is a position that we have earned after working tooth and nail. Ours is a company that is founded and managed by actual construction engineers who have done the groundwork and know how on-site operations unfold. We understand the challenges that workers and handymen face on an everyday basis and have taken it upon ourselves to come up with sensible solutions to make rebar handling tasks easy, more efficient and less stressful. Each and every product we offer is tested on ground to ensure that it matches the high standards that our clients have come to expect from us. The CRBC-25 rebar cutter bender has gone through the same rigorous performance testing and quality evaluations. And we can assure you that this is one machine that you should definitely consider investing in. This rebar bender cutter is built to last and will make the lives of your construction workers extremely easy by ensuring minimum stress and exhaustion on their bodies as they handle rebar. This fact alone makes the CRBC-25 a hot favourite amongst engineers and handymen. If you genuinely wish to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your operations, this is a machine that you should be placing your trust upon.

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Brand Reo Mech

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Rebar Tools

Model CRBC-25

Power Input (Cutter) 1550W

Min Bending Capacity 6mm

Electric Motor Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz

Weight (kg) 136

Min Cutting Capacity 4mm

Power Input (Bender) 1050W

Max Bending Capacity 25mm – 650N/mm2

Max Cutting Capacity 25mm – 650N/mm2

Bending Pin Diameter 80mm/105mm

Bend Angle 0-180°

Overall Dimensions 50cm x 45cm x 79cm

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