Powerlite Ritelite K10 LED Portable Worklight

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Product Description

Powerlite Ritelite K10 LED Portable Worklight, 1 year warranty. The K9 uses 30 high power LED’s to produce a crisp white light ideal in a working environment. To efficiently harness and project the light, this unit has a bespoke lens array with the addition of an infinitely variable focusing system. In addition, conscious of the lack of an infinite power source, we have developed a market leading LED driver system to ensure very little energy is wasted with the majority being converted to light to give a better, brighter light for longer. 

The K10 is easy to erect. In less than 1 minute you can be using the unit and enjoying its benefits. The K10 is a high powered, high efficiency directional LED light that gives users a highly reliable even spread of light.

Power Functions:

Light output can be dimmed from 8% to 150% and regulated as needed. Boost function to increase light output to 150% for detailed tasks where as much light as possible is required.

Integrated Tripod: 

As with the K9 work light, the K10 comes with an integrated, quickly deployable tripod to allow the light head to be raised up to 1.8M high. This compact tripod solution ensures the K10 can be used in a variety of different applications without the need for additional equipment. The K10 also has in built stabiliser legs to give enhanced stability on uneven surfaces.

Multi-Charging Options:

The K10 charges from 12V & 240V supplies making have battery monitoring software to monitor battery and charging status and battery levels are clearly indicated on the K10 light to indicate duration left before re-charge is required.

Variable Focusing (Flood to Spot):

The K10 is fitted with Ritelite's unique diffuser to enable users to switch between a wide flood beam or a focused spot beam as required or even a combination of both. Each headlet can be switched between the different beam angles to enable the user to create their optimum light effect for the application and maximum flexibility.

  • 360° area flood lighting
  • Directional area flood lighting
  • Long distance spot lighting
  • Or a combination of all three!

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Brand Powerlite

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Lights (Driving and Work)

Product Type Rechargable Portable LED Work Light

Net Weight (kg) 12.65

Lamps Power W 90W (3 x 30Wl)

Quality Features Battery or mains power, adjustable brightness and 360° worklight solution

Voltage 12V/240V

Mast Maximum Height 1.8m

Total Lumen 12,000 Lm

Height (mm) 250

Mast Rotation 180° to 360°

Lamps Type LED

Included K10 led light head unit, 4m high extendable tripod and battery base

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