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A Hyundai portable generator is a popular brand whether you want power for home backup, remote living, small business use, mobile catering, or camping trips. We have compiled the best Hyundai diesel, Petrik and inverter generators here to make your purchasing decisions a breeze!


What Makes A Hyundai Portable Generator So Good?

One of the top features is the high-performance engines. But Hyundai don’t stop there – they’ve thought of all the features you want in a portable generator. Depending on the model, you can find electric start, auto remote start, large fuel tank for a long run time, low noise and more. Even the larger heavier models are easy to transport thanks to the wheel kits and handles. Check out the diesel and petrol models to suit your fuel requirements.

You can also choose a Hyundai portable generator with inverter technology which delivers super stable clean power with a pure sine wave form. This is essential for powering sensitive electronics such as laptops, tablets, and power tool batteries. Check out the Hyundai portable generator models with an Eco Throttle feature, like the HY3200SEi, which means the generator only runs as fast as the load demands so you can benefit from lower fuel consumption and a longer engine life. Whatever you’re looking for in a Hyundai portable generator, you’ll find it in our best-selling collection right here.