Flexshaft Concrete Vibrators

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Buy flexshaft concrete vibrators for fast and effective concrete pours.Flexible shaft (flexshaft) concrete vibratorsare designed for all sorts of general construction jobs. Typical applications for flexshaft concrete vibrators include footings and stem walls, small slabs, stairways and driveways.

At My Generator, we have a size and model for every application – even the most demanding jobs. Choose from 28mm, 38mm, 45mm, 57mm and 60mm in 6-metre and 9-metre lengths.

Top Quality Flexshaft Concrete Vibrators

We stock only the best quality flexshafts from Crommelins and Hoppt. When you buy a Crommelins flexshaft concrete vibrator,you can have the confidence in strong, durable shafts with high tension spring coupling between the inner cable and rotor for better vibration and longer life. They also feature a self-aligning double row of ball bearings to withstand high loadings.

Hoppt products are made from an induction hardened magnesium steel alloy with reinforced steel hose. Resilient tips are also available for the Hoppt series of vibrators.