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Caravan Sanitation & Plumbing

Buy water tanks, pumps and plumbing equipment for your RV from our large range of premium, quality RV plumbing and sanitation products.

Our range includes toilets, sinks, taps, tanks, pumps and plumbing – everything you need to live comfortably in your RV.

RV plumbing essentials

When you’re travelling, you need your RV plumbing to include simple day-to-day comforts, like a toilet and sink. Dometic and Thetford offer a range of portable toilets and fixed ceramic bowl cassette toilets to suit any RV.

Make washing dishes a breeze with a wide selection of sinks and drainers in various sizes, shapes, and materials. So whatever your RV plumbing design, you can be confident we have something to suit your van.

Water tanks and pumps

Make water storage easy with a water tank designed especially for RVs. Sizes range from 59 litres up to 84 litres. You might even want two water tanks!

To complete your RV plumbing set up, check out our compact water pumps – ready to pump water wherever you need it to go.