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Caravan Audio, Speakers & Radio

Caravan Audio, Speakers & Radio

Caravan Audio, Speakers & Radio

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  1. Thunder 12/24V Power Socket, 1 Year Warranty

  2. Thunder 12/24V Engel Style Socket, 1 Year Warranty

  3. Thunder 12/24V Illuminated Touch Switch, 1 Year Warranty

  4. Baintech 12V Ciga Socket Flush Mount, 2 Year Warranty

  5. Baintech 12V Ciga Socket Surface Mount, 2 Year Warranty

Take your favourite tunes with you on the road with the range of caravan audio, speakers, and radios from My Generator. Built with the latest technology, our caravan speakers are the easy way to add external speakers to your caravan or RV.

With a simple 2-wire DIY connection and no internal wiring required, you can stream your favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more from your smartphone or Bluetooth device, and enjoy the high-quality sound of our caravan speakers.

To take your on-road entertainment to the next level, we also stock touch-screen caravan multimedia entertainment systems with CD, iPod, iPhone, USB, Micro SD, and audio playback options.

Shop our full range of RV media caravan audio, speakers, and radios today.