Your guide to the best diesel pressure washer

If you're up against extreme dirt, you need an extreme pressure washer to handle the task. That's where a diesel pressure washer comes in.

With all the advantages of a diesel engine, today's diesel pressure washers are designed to get the toughest commercial cleaning jobs done in a fraction of the time. Need a dairy shed cleaned out? Tick. Washing down greasy industrial machinery? Tick. Cleaning mining equipment? Tick, tick, tick.

Before we reveal the top models on the market, let's look at the pros of buying a diesel pressure washer. Compared to electric or petrol pressure washers, diesel models have a lot to offer - especially for mine sites and industrial applications:

diesel pressure washer
Diesel pressure washers are designed to get the toughest commercial cleaning jobs done

Diesel pressure washers are more fuel efficient.

Hands down, one of the biggest advantages of a diesel engine is fuel efficiency. If you compare a diesel pressure washer with a petrol equivalent, the higher compression of a diesel engine means it goes further.

Diesel pressure washers have a lower cost of ownership

Ever wondered why big industries rely on diesel fuel to run their business? Whether you're talking about generators, tractors, bulldozers, excavators or pressure washers, diesel engines last longer and cost less to run. The reason is simple: diesel engines don't work as hard as petrol engines to get the same power output. Engine parts are under less stress, so they are less likely to break down. And diesel fuel is self-lubricating, meaning the fuel delivery system should also last longer than the petrol equivalent.

There are lots of added extra options

Many diesel pressure washers can be fully equipped with things like fuel tank bunding, fire extinguisher, safety stop, and other mine specifications needed on site. Some can be optioned with a long-range fuel tank and an electric start too.

Ideal for heavy industrial and mining applications

All of the above means that diesel pressure washers are a good choice for heavy industrial and mining applications.



Higher PSI

Pay attention to the PSI. PSI means pounds per square inch, which tells you the cleaning pressure of the washer. When it comes to cleaning greasy industrial spaces and machinery, look for a PSI of 3000-5000.

Petrol Pressure Washers are commonly found on construction sites, farms, rural properties and in transport yards.

Quality pump

With all the high-pressure water coming through the pump, you need a strong and durable pump that won't break down easily. Some manufacturers, like Crommelins, offer a separate warranty for the pump.

Reputable brand

Choosing a quality brand means you can be sure your diesel pressure washer is made with the best quality engines and components. Plus, you'll be backed by national service and spare parts networks for any warranty and service requirements.



Crommelins Subaru 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer

The Crommelins diesel pressure washer really packs a punch. It's powered by a 9.4hp DY42 Subaru Engine and delivers a maximum power of 3000psi - enough to wash down greasy machinery and mining equipment, wash out dairy sheds, and clean awnings and shop fronts.

The unit features a tough roll frame, 10-metre hose with its own holder, plus wheels and a push handle to make it easy to move around. There's also rubber isolated engine mounting to keep vibrations at a minimum.

If you need more, opt to equip your diesel pressure washer with bunding, safety stop and extinguishers as needed. The package is finished off with a 2-year warranty backed by Crommelins' national service network. At around $6500-$7000, this is a good quality investment.

Learn more about the Crommelins diesel pressure washer


Jetwave Hornet Yanmar 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer

This Australian company is known for its robust industrial cleaning equipment, and this diesel pressure washer proves why. Powered by a Yanmar L100 diesel air-cooled electric start engine, Jetwave's diesel model delivers 3000psi pump working pressure with a water flow rate of 15 litres per minute.

But what really makes this unit stand out is its incredible efficiency. The pressure washer has direct injection technology, resulting in lower fuel consumption and running costs. Operators will love the effortless electric start, low vibration and low noise levels.

diesel pressure washer

The diesel pressure washer is designed for long-life, featuring a fully welded and hot dipped galvanised roll frame and high-quality components. It's also supported by worldwide spare parts back-up and a national service agent network. With all the bells and whistles, this model comes in at a very competitive $6500-$7000.

Check out the Jetwave Hornet Yanmar diesel pressure washer


Read more tips on buying a pressure washer here. Or get straight to the good stuff and browse our range of diesel pressure washers and commercial pressure washers.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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