What Should Be In Your 4WD Recovery Kit?


Unexpected problems can happen on any 4WD trip. It doesn't matter how experienced you are or how long you've been travelling for. That's why investing in a 4WD recovery kit is an absolute must before you take your 4WD off the bitumen.

With a well-stocked recovery kit, you can get out of the toughest situations (without embarrassment!).

The big question is - what should go in your 4WD recovery kit?

Read on for our top recommendations:



Stuck on a track? The first thing you'll need is a good quality shovel. When your wheels are spinning, use a shovel to clear out the soft dirt and insert a traction device for grip. As a bonus, you can also use it to dig fire pits or a toilet.

Our Top Tip: go for a folding shovel, like this Hulk 4×4 folding shovel or Bushranger Tri-Fold shovel. The great thing about a folding shovel is that it fits anywhere! This Caos folding shovel is built tough and still folds down into a neat bag that you can store easily.

Air Compressor

The main reason 4WD drivers get bogged in the first place is because of incorrect tyre pressures. So, make sure you carry a 4x4 12V air compressor in your 4WD recovery kit to keep your tyres at the right level. Because every terrain requires different tyre pressures - sand, mud, rocks, gravel and so on.

You can rely on the Bushranger Max Air III Compressor to quickly and easily inflate and deflate your tyres. Offering a flow rate of 72 LPM with a trigger-style inflation gun with a locking level, it's easy to operate, so you can use it without having to turn the compressor on and off all the time.

A tyre deflator is another handy piece of gear for every 4WD that leaves the bitumen.

Recovery Tracks

Getting bogged is a rite of passage for any 4WD adventurer. But don't let it spell the end of your trip! Make sure your 4WD recovery kit includes recovery tracks, AKA traction boards.

When used correctly, recovery tracks let you drive straight out of a bog in mud, sand and even snow.

The Bog Out Recovery System is a brilliant alternative to traditional tracks. It's a 3.5 tonne, 4.5 metre harness made from exceptionally strong materials which means your vehicle's driven wheels become winches. The standard model fits the wheels and tyres of almost all cars and 4WDs. For serious off-roaders, check out the Twin Pack.

Snatch Straps, Shackles and Blocks

The second must-have for your 4WD recovery kit is straps, shackles and blocks.

Snatch straps are used to connect to another vehicle so they can pull you out. The most important thing with snatch straps is to choose a good quality nylon strap. Nylon provides enough stretch for the job at hand, and the kinetic energy is used to help in the recovery of vehicles. Also, make sure you get a strap suited to the weight of your vehicle. For example, Thunder snatch straps come in 8000kg and 15000kg options.

A snatch block improves the effectiveness of your winch by increasing pulling power and giving you more leverage. Check out the Thunder 9000kg snatch block or the Hulk 4×4 snatch block.

Next up is Bow Shackles. Also known as anchor shackles, these have a large O-shaped loop and are designed to safely secure recovery straps to a recovery point on your vehicle.

The most important thing to look for in a bow shackle is that it has been tested to AS2741-2002 standards, like the Hulk recovery hitch and bow shackle.

Another top tip? Make sure you pack some tough gloves to protect your hands.

You can get an all-in-one 4WD recovery kit which includes some or all of the above gear.


Check Out These:

  • Thunder 4WD Recovery Kit - includes 8000kg snatch strap, tree trunk protector, 2 x bow shackles, gloves.

  • The Hulk 4×4 Complete Recovery Kit - include 8000kg MBS snatch strap, 5,000kg MBS Winch Extension Strap 20m, 12,000kg MBS Tree Protector Strap 3m, 2 x 4.75t WLL bow shackles, Recovery Damper 8,000kg Snatch Block, leather recovery gloves, heavy duty storage bag.

  • Hulk 4×4 Recovery Kit - include 8000kg MBS snatch strap, 2 x 4.75t WLL bow shackles, leather recovery gloves, heavy duty storage bag.



One of the most crucial accessories to buy to get yourself out of trouble is a good winch. It's peace of mind that you can fully recover your vehicle no matter what track you travel down.

We recommend the Bushranger Revo 10,000lb (4536kg) synthetic winch for its high-quality construction, low current draw, and 4 stage oversized gearing. This beast has an advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100% of the rated load with no slippage. One of the best features is the zero drag braking system, which means fast no load line speeds so that unspooling the rope is a breeze.

Another favourite is the Runva 13XP Premium winch. The IP67 rated winch is built to fit most large 4x4 winch bars and comes with a steel cable, and the option to power with 12V or 24V.


Jump Starter

What happens if your battery dies in the middle of the bush? Use a portable jump starter to get you out of any flat battery situation.

We recommend the Thunder 1000A Jump Starter because the high performance lithium battery is capable of jump starting larger engines up to 1000CCA. Best of all, it can jump start your car multiple times so you don't need to worry about your weekend ending early.

We also love the Hulk 4x4 lithium ion jump starter because it can be used for petrol vehicles up to 10L and diesel vehicles up to 7L. It also comes with a handy LED flashlight, because nobody said flat batteries only happen in daylight!



If you've got everything on the 4WD recovery kit checklist and still can't get out of a sticky situation, make sure you have a radio. Because let's face it, the best 4WD destinations won't have phone service!

Check out the Uniden UH5060 Mini Compact UHF, which comes with a remote speaker mic and antenna, or the Thunder 5W 80 Channel Mini Compact UHF radio and antenna.

The GME 1 Watt UHF CB Handheld Radio - Twin Pack is an ultra-compact and lightweight radio kit with up to 17 hours battery life and convenient USB charging. It's a great entry-level option when you're in a 4WD or caravan convoy. Or check out the Uniden UH5060 Mini Compact UHF, which comes with a remote speaker microphone and antenna, a built-in large LCD backlit screen, and is built for rugged conditions.

First Aid Kit:

It is always important to carry a first aid kit on your adventures (whether you're in the 4WD, caravan or swag!).

We recommend the FastAid Deluxe vehicle First Aid Kit for your 4WD recovery kit.

If you're wanting an all in one kit we recommend upgrading to the First Aid & Safety Pack which includes the first aid kit, as well as a Super Fire-X Aerosol Fire Extinguisher and Fire Box Fire Blanket 1.0 x 1.0 m.

Over to you

Now you know everything that makes up a 4WD recovery kit, there's no excuse for getting stuck!



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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