Evakool Upright Caravan Fridges: Platinum vs Elite

There's good news for all the RV and caravan owners out there, Evakool has introduced a new range of upright caravan fridges that will blow your socks off. That's right, the very same Evakool that made its name with portable camping fridges.

Evakool's Platinum Fridge models have been around for a few years now. Building on their success, in April 2018, Evakool released its new Elite Fridge range.

But what's the difference between Evakool Platinum vs Elite, and which is right for your RV?

Before we compare Evakool Platinum vs Elite, let's take a look at the basics:


Evakool Platinum

Evakool Platinum is a freestanding fridge range powered by 12/24 volts. There's fridge and freezer capabilities. The model is made with a strong metal cabinet, with the kinds of features you want like reversible doors, self-diagnostic fault system, smooth internal walls (easier to clean), wire shelves, and a crisper. You can choose from two sizes: 95 litres and 110 litres and with each model there's no need to build it into cabinetry like other RV fridges.

The success of the Platinum range is largely due to Evakool's focus on ensuring these RV fridges perform at maximum cooling capacity even in the hottest of temperatures. Design features, like insulation thickness of walls and doors, along with the externally mounted condenser design, make this range a popular choice for recreational vehicles heading in to hotter climates.

Caravan Fridge Freezer Review, Evakool Platinum 110 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge


Evakool Elite

With the newer Elite range, Evakool has taken your typical RV compressor fridge and super-powered it. There are three sizes - 81 litres, 145 litres and 208 litres - all with an install mounting frame included. Elite models have a drawer freezer at the bottom, with a removable freezer tub.

The two larger Elite models (EL145 and EL208) come with two compressors, so you can turn off either compressor if not required and reduce power draw. Another benefit of two compressors is the reduced demand on each compressor when operating in higher ambient temperatures, rather than having one compressor to cool both the fridge and freezer. And if one compressor was to fail when travelling, you can still use the other compartment (and use the other as a coolbox).


So, what's the difference between Evakool Platinum vs Elite?

Aside from the different sizes (Platinum has four sizes, while Elite has three options including a smaller 81-litre), the main difference is the dual compressors in the two large Elite models.

Elite models also have an automatic compressor speed selection for maximum efficiency whilst minimising power draw.


There are also obvious differences in the design. Elite upright fridges boast a new cabinet design with mounting frame and a freezer drawer for ease of access, and come in a stylish matt black finish compared to the sleek steel look of the Platinum fridges. Elite fridges also feature easy-to-use digital controls.


The Verdict: Evakool Platinum vs Elite?

Fact is, both ranges are extremely good models for motorhomes, caravans, RVs, camper trailers and boats. They can also be used within 'off grid' homes relying on 12 volt and solar power. Their top-class performance comes down to the universally renowned Secop (Danfoss) compressor, seen in many other fridge brands and with proven reliability in a range of Australian weather conditions. Another standout feature is insulation. Better insulation results in less stress on the compressor - and Evakool has this down to a fine art. Both ranges also come with a 2-year warranty and are supported by national service agent networks.

Ready to buy? Browse our range of Evakool upright fridges today!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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