Caravan Slide Out Kitchens


Ready to cook up a storm on your next trip? Prepare gourmet meals in the great outdoors with a slide-out kitchen.

Caravan kitchens were once limited to a gas stove and a chopping board. But now you can whip up a feast using a caravan outdoor kitchen with all the gadgets.

The question is - is a slide out kitchen right for you?

Here, we explain the benefits of caravan slide out kitchen and what to look for.

Caravan Slide Out Kitchen from Dometic

Take It Outdoors

One of the biggest advantages of a slide out kitchen is that you aren't left with cooking odours and smoke inside your caravan. There's nothing worse than sleeping in a small area filled with the stale aroma of a garlicky dinner! A slide out kitchen takes the smoke and cooking odours outside the caravan.


Keep Your Caravan Cool

Think about the heat that cooking creates. On a hot day, you need to do everything you can to keep your van cool. By using a caravan outdoor kitchen, you can keep your van interior cool and save on using your air-conditioner.


Stay Part of the Atmosphere

With a traditional caravan kitchen, the chef stays indoors cooking solo while the family enjoy time outside. But an external kitchen means the chef can be amongst everyone else while keeping an eye on the food.


Save Space With an All-in-one Unit

Space is a premium in every RV. So why take up valuable living space when you can use a caravan outdoor kitchen? For example, the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen features a sink that plugs into your water supply, a 3-burner cooktop that connects to your gas, generous built-in dual side storage and a dedicated bench top - all in one unit!

Dometic Slide Out Kitchen


What to Look For in a Slide Out Kitchen

Slide out kitchens come with lots of great features. Here are a few top things to look for:

1. Corrosion resistance.

Because your slide out kitchen is used outdoors, it needs to be made from materials that will withstand the elements and stay looking great over time. For example, Dometic slide out kitchens are made from aluminium and stainless steel.

2. Heavy duty sliding rails.

This is key to ensuring the kitchen slides out seamlessly when you need it and is easy to put away.

3. Height Adjustable.

Forget about bending over low benchtops - look for a kitchen that is height adjustable.

4. Storage capacity.

As with your kitchen at home, you can never have enough storage! Look for a slide out kitchen with plenty of space for storing equipment, as well as bench space.

5. Lightweight.

As with all things caravan, you need a kitchen that is lightweight yet still robust, like the Dometic Slide Out Kitchen which weighs in at just 44kg - that's 40% lighter than other units on the market! Want to go even lighter? The Dometic Small Slide Out Kitchen is a featherlight 34kg.

6. Optional accessories.

Need a bottle opener, handy utensil holder or chopping board? Add these items to your kitchen set-up to create the ultimate cooking space (please note, bottle opener and chopping board currently unavailable in Australia).


If you're looking to take your cooking outdoors, check out our range of Dometic slide out kitchens. The kitchens come ready to install, so you can fire up your inner master chef on your next trip! You can also check out our full guide to RV Cooking Appliances here.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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