Camping Accessories: The Essentials You Need!

Wondering what camping accessories to get for your next adventures? From power stations and fridges to tents and stoves, your choice of camping gear can make or break your trip.

We've got the lowdown on the camping accessories you need.


1. Water Storage 

There’s nothing worse than arriving to your campsite to find that there’s no fresh water available. Always make sure you have clean water on hand with a water jug/tank.

We love the Dometic 11 Litre GO Hydration Water Jug. Thanks to the compact design you can fit multiple jugs into a small space and the addition of straps makes it easy to cart around your campsite. You also have the option to add the Dometic GO Portable Self-Powered Water Tap. This will allow you to have a one touch button operation with automatic shut off to save water consumption. Dometic has won the ISPO Award 2023 for their innovative and iconic Hydration Water Faucet & Water Jug. 

2. Portable Power Station

Powering your adventures doesn't get easier than with a power pack. These convenient and affordable solutions are designed to keep your devices running even when you're far off the grid.

There's a huge range to choose from depending on what you want to run, from the Goal Zero Venture 70 for small devices, cameras and tablets to big portable power stations like the EcoFlow Portable Power Stations. Check out their bundles with a solar blanket for extra convenience.

For a cheaper alternative check out the Bluetti range of portable power stations.


3. Portable Solar Panel

Portable folding panels are ideal for long camping trips, especially when you want to save space. Simply keep them folded and tucked away while you drive. They’re super easy to use and store. Plus there’s a range of different sizes to suit your needs. Check out the Enerdrive 160W Folding Solar Panel Kit as a great value option!

Our pick is the Exotronic 200W Portable Folding Solar Panel with 20A MPPT Solar Controller for charging your 4WD, RV and Marine batteries. The included MPPT controller means you have everything you need to start charging your battery, including the ever popular lithium. This solar panel also boasts a five year warranty for peace of mind.


4. Portable Fridge

Keep everything cold on the go with a portable fridge. No need to permanently install the fridge into your caravan, car or boat - a portable fridge can be easily moved to wherever you need to keep your food and drinks cold!

We highly recommend the Evakool Down Under 75 Litre Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer as a great quality and value for money option. The 75 litre capacity is plenty of space for your camping goodies and you get digital controls, easy to clean walls, tie-down points and internal LEDs.

For something more premium, look at a Dometic CFX3 fridge. Choose from 36 litres up to 94 litres capacity and enjoy top features such as a smartphone app, WiFi connectivity, USB charging outlet for mobile phones and tablets, and a 5 year warranty.


5. Good Quality Tent

Every adventure starts with a good quality tent. Dometic offers a range of tents that are super high quality but also not intimidating to use if you’re just getting into camping. The inflatable tents and rooftop tents pop up and go down so easily, your camping neighbours will be green with envy! We also love the high quality materials that make the tents breathable even on the hottest summer nights. 

The newly released in 2023 Dometic Santorini 2×4 and 4×8 inflatable tents are hitting the market with great reviews. Manufactured using the advanced technical cotton (TC), these inflatable tents are designed to use in both hot and cold climates making it the perfect addition to your next camping trip.


6. Camping Furniture

Sit back and relax after a long day of adventures with comfy camping chairs and tables. Check out the quality camping chair range by Dometic. You'll find recliners so comfortable you'll never want to stand up again! If space is an issue, Front Runner's Expander Camping Chair is the most compact camping chair on the market - it folds down to the size of a laptop case!

For the full camp furniture set-up, Dometic offers great bundles including armchairs and a table and the Ultimate Camping Shelter Hub Bundle with armchairs, a table and the Hub Shelter for great value prices. 


7. Portable Stove Or BBQ

Whether you choose a camping stove or BBQ depends on your cooking style. If you want to make a gourmet feast of spag bol, a camping stove will do the trick. If grilling a freshly caught fish is more your style, go for a camping BBQ

The most important thing is to choose a quality brand, and the Dometic portable gas stove and oven range reigns supreme in our list of camping accessories. You get high heat output, durable design and lots of handy features like a clever push-button Piezo ignition and built-in windshields. Choose from a Portable Gas Stove or Stove with Oven– Dometic has all your cooking styles covered!

If you’re looking for an all in one fire pit & BBQ option, we highly recommend you check out the BBQ/Fire Pit AND Wolf Pack Pro Kit – by Front Runner. It can be setup in just 30 seconds, is constructed from high strength steel and comes with a Wolf Pack Pro box for storage. There’s even extra room for storing your cooking utensils!


8. BBQArm

There are some camping accessories you'll wonder how you ever lived without - and a BBQArm is one of them.

The BBQArm mounts to your caravan drawbar or rear bar so you can stow your BBQ on a steady shelf out of the way. There's also a new Tow-Hitch mount so you can use your BBQArm anywhere you travel, with or without your caravan.


9. Cooking Accessories

You might have the best BBQ or stove around, but you can't whip up a feast without the right cooking accessories. And there's no better option than a cast iron pot and frying pan for durability. The best thing about cast iron pots is you can put them straight over the campfire. The Charmate frying pan comes with a folding handle so you can easily pack it away. For a proper camping breakfast, why not treat yourself to a jaffle iron?

The  Aussie Traveller Cast Iron range is a must-have for unleashing your culinary skills around the campfire. With its exceptional heat retention and durability the Cast Iron range is crafted to withstand heavy-duty use, made for cooking on coals, evenly distributing heat and preserving it for impeccable searing and precise cooking of various meats. As an added convenience, the Cast Iron cookware comes pre-seasoned, ensuring a completely non-stick surface for your cooking pleasure. Check out the range from frypans to camp ovens here



10. Drinkware

Sure, you could drink straight from the can or bottle but for a bit of class on your camping trip, invest in some durable drinkware. You can keep your cocktails cold and your coffee warm with the thermal mug range by myCOOLMAN and Dometic. And we love D-Still unbreakable drinkware made from polycarbonate! Martini, anyone?


11. Camping Storage

Stay organised on your adventures with camping storage. Here at My Generator we stock a range of hard and soft storage solutions from soft canvas bags to hard and waterproof cases. The Dometic GO range allows you to pick from a variety of storage options between 10 and 50 litre capacities. Available in both hard and soft, both are waterproof and easy to store and transport thanks to the stackable design. You can also purcahse the Ultimate Hard & Soft Camping Storage Bundle.

12. Navigator

Don't get lost on your adventures - use a Hema navigator to find your way. The Hema HX-2 Navigator does so much more than show you the way. It gives you warnings about road conditions, which is great if you are heading into the unknown, and shows 40,000 Hema verified points of interest including campsites, parks, dump points, rest areas, and more. It even lets you create a personalised journal of your trip (including photos).

Hema HX-2 | Off-Road Navigation


13. Jerry Can

If you want a weekend trip off-roading, it pays to carry some spare fuel for when you're far off the beaten track. Check out 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre petrol and diesel cans that are approved for safely carrying fuel.


14. Air Compressor

Love beach driving? Don't wait until you find the next petrol station to pump up your tyres again. Use a 4x4 12V air compressor to inflate your tyres in seconds. Be sure to look for a 12V compressor with an accurate dual pressure gauge so you never over inflate.


15. Camping Lights

Keep exploring after dark with camping lights. LED headlights mean you can get to the toilet at night without getting lost! Propane lanterns and area lighting kits will help you keep your camp area lit up, so you can keep cooking and entertaining when the sun goes down. For an affordable camping light, we highly recommend Explore Planet Earth, or you can turn it up a notch with the Knog range of lights.


16. Recovery Gear

Taking your 4x4 away? You'll want to have some 4x4 recovery gear with you! A well stocked recovery kit is stocked with essential gear like winches, snatch straps, tracks and shackles to help get you out of a sticky situation. Check out the 4x4 recovery gear by Runva, Bushranger and Bog Out and you won't regret it!


17. Portable Toilet

Want to enjoy a bit of luxury on your camping trip? Pack a portable toilet! For those who don't want to risk the drop dunny, portable toilets are the perfect solution. They are also extremely simple to use. All you do is remove the waste tank from the bowl and water tank, and find a dump point to empty it. Choose from Dometic, Weisshorn and Thetford for the best quality.


18. Portable Shower

A shower is a simple luxury we can take for granted at home. Now you can take this luxury with you on the road with a portable camping shower. The Gasmate Water-Tech 5 Litre Water Heater with Pump & Shower Attachments is the perfect solution to instant hot water. The Gasmate boasts a 3 litre per minute adjustable flow and temperature display, giving you instant hot water ready to shower the kids after a dusty day or wash your dishes from your camp cook up.


19. Extension Cord

Staying somewhere with power? Make sure to bring an extension cord! It's one of the smartest accessories you can pack if you want to keep your appliances powered. Buy a cord to suit your needs, from 12m up to 22m cords.


20. First Aid Kit

Don't get caught in the bush without a first aid kit. Be prepared with a well-equipped first aid box. Choose from first aid kits that can be carried in your vehicle, your van or smaller ones with all the essentials in your backpack. The Hulk 4x4 Vehicle First Aid Kit has enough bandages and first aid essentials for your next camping trip.

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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