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Considering installing solar panels, a new generator, or even a new fridge freezer for your caravan, RV or camper trailer? We have a huge selection of top-quality caravan appliances to make your next camping trip even more enjoyable!


Discover The Caravan Appliances Our Customers Love

Just because you’re heading off the beaten track, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the luxuries you’re used to if you don’t want to. At My Generator we have heaps of top-quality caravan appliances to ensure you don’t miss out on those creature comforts. If you’re sick of digging to the bottom of an icebox, our caravan appliances include a great selection of upright fridge-freezers from brands like Dometic. For serious home comfort, check out the Dometic 224 Litre Compressor Fridge Freezer. This seriously neat piece of equipment boasts a narrow design to make the most of the space in your caravan or camper van without compromising on storage volume.

Maybe you’re looking to make your camping trips a little eco-friendlier, in which case you might like to take a look at our range of Enerdrive and Projecta solar panels that can be easily installed on the roof of your caravan. Appliances like these are a great way to generate noise-free, clean power to keep you connected while you’re in the great outdoors. Explore our complete range of caravan appliances from brands like Dometic, Enerdrive, Projecta and Yamaha today and take your camping trip to the next level.