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Powerlite Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 12kVA Generator

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Built to Order. Build time approx 3-5 days

Quick Overview:

Powerlite 12kVA generator, powered by Briggs & Stratton Vanguard, 2yr Warranty

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Weatherproof Outlets + Earth Leakage Protection, Powerlite

Weatherproof Outlets + Earth Leakage Protection, Powerlite

2 Wheel Kit and Handle, Powerlite

2 Wheel Kit and Handle, Powerlite

Wheel Kit 4 x Pneumatic, Powerlite

Wheel Kit 4 x Pneumatic, Powerlite

Earth Leakage Protection, Powerlite

Earth Leakage Protection, Powerlite

Long Range Fuel Tank 50L, Powerlite

Long Range Fuel Tank 50L, Powerlite

Centre Lifting Bar, Powerlite

Centre Lifting Bar, Powerlite

Product Details


Vanguard Powered 12 KVA Electric Start, 18 litre tank

10,000W Petrol Powerlite Generator, powered by Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard with electric start and long range fuel tank. Ideally used for portable electric tools, 200 Amp welder, air compressor (with engine motor up to 3kW), heaters, lights, appliances, excellent motor staring and welder performance, provided that the total power consumption at any one time is less than 10,000W. 


Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Brand Powerlite
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 240V
Continuous Output 10,000w
kVA 12
Alternator Type Mecc Alte
Engine 20HP Vanguard Twin
Starting Method Electric & recoil
Fuel Tank Capacity 18L
Cont. Working Time 3.5hr
Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 850x500x600mm
Net Weight (kg) 105.0 Kg
Output Type 2 x 15A
Engine Warranty 1 year warranty
Manufacturers Warranty 2 year Generator warranty, 1 year Alternator warranty
NOTE This is a portable air-cooled petrol generator designed for short term/standby applications. For prime/continuous power, a stationary water-cooled diesel generator is recommended.


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For details relating to Powerlite generator warranty CLICK HERE



For details relating to the Powerlite generator delivery process CLICK HERE

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:Can I change this alternator to avr control? If I can what is the price?

    Yes, AVR can be fitted to this unit by the manufacturer - its is an option within the accessory list on the product page which has the price listed. Thanks

  • Q:Hi, what is the build time for a unit like this?

    Hi - the build time for a unit of this size is around 4-5 days. 

    Many thanks

  • Q:In terms of warranty, where can I find details of service agents for Powerlite Generators?

    Powerlite use premium grade components in all their generators. Starting with the engine, all of the engine manufacturers have national service agent and spare parts networks. The links below will help you with details of their respective service agents:

    For their petrol range, Powerlite mostly use Honda engines from Honda Australia. The Honda service agent network is listed HERE.

    Some petrol models have Briggs & Stratton / Vanguard engines, with their service agents listed HERE.

    For their diesel range, they use both Yanmar Engines and Hatz Engines.

    For specific generator/alternator warranty, servicing and spare parts inquiries for Powerlite Generators, you can find information HERE.

  • Q:How is it that this generator has 15Amp outlets, but the generator’s power rating is greater than 15Amps? (as 15Amps equates to 3600watts on a 240Volt appliance). Presumably you can get more than 15Amps out of the outlets then?

    Yes, that is correct. A 15 Amp outlet can deliver more power than 15 Amps for a short period, as there is no circuit breaker fitted to the generator as standard. You can briefly pull the full rated power amount of the generator (continuous and maximum) through the 15 Amp outlet.. noting that this is only for a short time - i.e. when you are first starting up an appliance such as a comprossor, drop saw, air conditioner etc. it may draw around 30 Amps (as an example) to start up, and then drop back down to 10 Amps to keep running.  

    However, if your appliance draws more than 15 Amps continuously, it is not recommended you run it for prolonged periods from a 15 Amp outlet, as it is likely to result in overheating issues. It may be prudent to consider re-fitting the outlets to a larger size to fit your continuous power requirement (i.e. 20 Amp, or 32 Amp outlet for example) - this can be configured upon request at extra cost. Thank you.

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