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Supa Swift 3600 Watt Inverter Generator

Supa Swift 3600 Watt Inverter Generator 4.6/5 4 Reviews  |  Q&A  | 


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Supa Swift 3600 Watt Inverter Generator, 2yr warranty

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Inverter generators by SupaSwift provide portable power, perfect for powering sensitive electrical equipment including televisions, mobile phones and computers. An auto voltage adjustor, low noise output and DC protector make these generators easy and safe to use, whilst the standard USB socket allows for use in a larger variety of applications.

This model has a maximum peak output of 3600 watts and a continuous running output of 3100 watts. Designed for light recreational use such as charging camping batteries or running caravan appliances up to 3600 watts maximum. Also used for backup power to your small home appliances during a power outage such as fridges, lights, personal electronics etc.   


  • Low oil shutdown
  • Low noise level, suitable for noise sensitive areas
  • USB socket charging

Supa Swift has been an Australian brand since the 1950's when they built lawn mowers in suburban Melbourne. Over the years they have expanded their power equipment range into generators, pressure washers, wood chippers and more. The Supa Swift generator range are made in China and imported by All Power Industries. They are considered a good budget option; designed for light, infrequent use.

All Supa Swift products are backed by All Power Industries with a 2 year warranty and the products are supported by the extensive All Power nationwide Service Dealer ans Spare Parts Network.

ALLPOWER Supa Swift Inverter Generator Product Manual


Additional Information

SKU XG3600
Country of Manufacture
Brand Supaswift
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 240V
Continuous Output 3100 watts
Maximum Output 3600 watts
DC Output 12 V
Displacement 149cc
Starting Method Recoil Start, with Automatic Choke
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 Litres
Cont. Working Time 5 hours (75% load)
Noise @ 7m 58dba
Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 545 x 290 x 490
Net Weight (kg) 30.0 Kg
Engine Oil
Oil Capacity
Ignition System
Spark Plug
Max. Power
Engine Speed
Compression Ratio
Fuel Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Consumption
Outlets 2 x 15Amp outlets
Manufacturers Warranty 2 years domestic


Customer Reviews

Exceptional Value Review by Aaron Stewart , Hopetoun Vic

Product Review

Delivered promptly with no problems at all, Works a treat and runs everything I require in my Mobile home.
Shopped around fairly well and could not find anything that matched or even came close for Price when taking into account its size for a 3600 watt generator. Fits in my mobile home boot area fine.

Shopping Experience

Very good Order went straight through and was delivered to Country Vic in 4 Days
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 8/4/17)
Good value for money Review by Lindsay Shaw , Mount Louisa QLD

Product Review

Started with no problems, is very quite while running at full power.
Excellent power rating for weight.

Shopping Experience

Shipped with no problems, however should have been strapped to the skid upright not laying down as it is filled with oil.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 3/22/17)
Runs well and looks good and fairly quiet when running. Review by James Bristow , Granville Qld

Product Review

Haven't had to use for a long period as yet but when I did run it was within the stated Db Range and powered the air con unit in the van no worries. Planning a trip soon and it will give me all the power I need.

Shopping Experience

My Genarotor provided a very prompt delivery and item was as described and in good condition. Would certainly recommend them.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 3/18/17)
Choke system needs modification Review by Jeff Fell , Whyalla SA

Product Review

I have only used this generator once to power an angle grinder and leaf plower, worked well with no problem. Needs the choke to start but it is hidden behind a cover that has to be removed to put it on.

Shopping Experience

My Generator shipped quickly with no problem.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 2/24/17)

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:Would I be able occasionally run an inverter welder using 3.2mm rods for small jobs from this generator?

    Hi, when it comes to running welders from generators, it is always best to contact the manufacturer of your particular welder model to see what size and type generator is required. Typically customers will require at least a 6 to 8kVA generator for standard welders, so I suspect this 3600 watt Supa Swift will not be suitable, but again you are best to contact your welder manufacturer to confirm what size generator you need. Thanks   

  • Q:Good morning, would this generator power a small portable air conditioner in event of a power failure ?

    Hi Ian, it all depends on how much maximum power you Air Conditioner will draw. This generator will produce a peak amount of 3600 watts and continuous running of 3100 watts. You just need to find out how much your air conditioner will draw on start up - the best way to find this information is to contact the manufacturer of your air conditioner; they can advise how much maximum power at start up your model will draw.

    Once you have that information, you will know whether this generator will be suitable or not. Many thanks. 

  • Q:Hi, are the Supa Swift generators suitable to run a HD TV? Also can it serve to recharge battery packs? Thank you

    Hi - The Supa Swift Generators are inverter generators, meaning they produce pure sine wave power which is suitable to run sensitive electronics such as TV's, mobile phones, laptops etc. 

    In terms of battery charging, inverter generators are very popular for charging auxiliary / camping batteries. The one recommendation that we make is that you use a battery charger between the generator and your batteries - this ensures that the battery charge is regulated properly and your batteries are charged safely.

  • Q:Hi there, I would like to know if this generator, Supa Swift 3600 watt, would suit food trailer operating? Cheers,Tammy

    Hi Tammy, I would be asking two main things regarding the suitability of this generator to run a food trailer:

    - Firstly, how much power do you need? To find this out, you would need to know how much power all of your appliances draw at any one time. Its important to find out both the running AND starting wattage of your particular appliances. Once you have this number, you can then get the right sized generator. For mobile food/catering applications, some operators can get by with a generator around 2000 - 4000 watts in size, but many others (including coffee cart operators) will need a generator that has around 5000 - 7000 watts of power capacity. BE sure to do your sums first to find out what size generator you need. 

    - Secondly, how often would you be using the generator? If you intend to use it occasionally (monthly market stalls for example), then this Supa Swift generator is worth considering; it’s made in China, but backed by a national service agent network. It is designed for light, infrequent use. However, if you intend to use the generator more frequently (commercial level of operation), then I would recommend you consider a premium brand such as Yamaha as they are designed to handle more intensive, regular operation and come with longer warranties.

    Overall, if the generator is for your main business and you will be using it often; then opt for a premium brand. If its only occasional use, the Supa Swift is a good, suitable option (subject to it being the right size for your appliances). Thanks

  • Q:I'm thinking of buying a supaswift xg3600 for our caravan. I know its probably not the best rated generator, but we only want it for light caravan use. So we also dont want to spend too much. Is the supaswift xg3600 a good reliable caravan generator?

    Hi Rod - great question, thank you for asking. For your required application;  light, infrequent recreational use, there are a couple of 'budget' generator brands that we recommend, including Supa Swift. 

    The reason why we are willing to recommend Supa Swift is that their products are backed by All Power (the national distributor) who have a national service agent network - so, if you need your generator inspected under warranty, or require a spare part, then a local service agent can help you out. 

    The other budget brand generator we recommend is Cromtech:  the Cromtech brand is part of Crommelins Machinery who also have a national service agent network.

    As at the time of this question (June 2017), we have been selling the Cromtech brand for well over 12 months and on the whole we are extremely pleased with the product and have had excellent customer feedback for people using the Cromtech generator for recreational use and occasional home back up power.

    We have been selling the Supa Swift generators for less than half of this time, and so the sample size in terms of collecting feedback is much less...however, so far the experience has still been positive and our testing from the outset has also been favourable;  the generators deliver the output levels as stated. 

    Overall, for light, infrequent use, the right 'budget' generator brand (i.e. Cromtech or Supa Swift) with national service agent backing can be a very good option. We do NOT recommend you opt for a budget brand that are not backed by a national service agent (often these brands are sold on eBay).

    Alternatively, you can pay extra and choose a premium brand like Yamaha or Briggs & Stratton - you'll get a longer warranty, slightly better specifications, along with a comprehensive national service agent network backing...of course, this option is more compelling for people who intend to use their generator more frequently or over multiple applications - you can justify the higher spend with the higher amount of use!  

    Thank you :)

  • Q:Is the Supaswift 4-stroke or 2-stroke?

    Hi Dimi - the Supa Swift generators are 4 stroke engines. The run on unleaded petrol. 

    In fact, all of our petrol generators are 4 stroke. We do not stock any 2 stroke generators, nor are we aware of any reputible ones currently available on the market. 

    Many thanks. 

  • Q:My product manual for my inverter generator mentions an 'earthing wire / earthing stake' - do I need this?

    Hi there, good question. This is mentioned in generator manuals and is a safety feature that will earth the generator. You do have the option to fit an 'earth wire'. Connecting an earth wire and stake is an option available to customer's that purchase a generator.

    An earth wire and stake is not supplied with generators that we sell and is application specific. In practice, we do not see customer's do this, especially for inverter generators. It can be something that is implemented for more specialized generators on mining work sites for example...for common applications, it is not common practice to 'earth' the generator with a wire and stake. If you are in doubt, and you have a specialized generator requirement that may need 'earthing', please consult an electrician. Hope that helps.

  • Q:Hi, I need to run the generator up to 6 hrs a day for 8 weeks straight to charge batteries through a C tek 25 amp charger. I also run an a/c that my 3kva ran comfortably for an hr each day for the same period. Is it capable?

    Hi Greg, the short answer is no. The Supaswift generators are not designed to be used at that level of intensity. They are made in China and are designed for light, infrequent use. Essentially they work smaller engines harder to get more power output. They are to be used for ocassional recreational or small home back up power applications. 

    For your described amount of usage, we would just about suggest a 1500rpm water cooled stationary diesel generator - these type of gensets are designed for prolonged, continuous use. However, they are much larger and more expensive. 

    If you elect to use a portable, petrol powered generator, then it is recommended you consider a brand such as Yamaha, which are designed to handle more regular operation, and come with a longer warranty. 

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