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Supa Swift 2600 Watt Inverter Generator

Supa Swift 2600 Watt Inverter Generator 0/5 Reviews  |  Q&A  | 

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Supa Swift 2600 Watt Inverter Generator, 2yr warranty

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Inverter generators by SupaSwift provide portable power, perfect for powering sensitive electrical equipment including televisions, mobile phones and computers. An auto voltage adjustor, low noise output and DC protector make these generators easy and safe to use, whilst the standard USB socket allows for use in a larger variety of applications.

This model has a maximum peak output of 2600 watts and a running output for 2300 watts. Designed for light recreational use such as charging camping batteries or running caravan appliances up to 2600 watts maximum. Also used for backup power to your small home appliances during a power outage.   


  • Low oil shutdown
  • Low noise level, suitable for noise sensitive areas
  • USB socket allows for a variety of use

Supa Swift has been an Australian brand since the 1950's when they built lawn mowers in suburban Melbourne. Over the years they have expanded their power equipment range into generators, pressure washers, wood chippers and more. The Supa Swift generator range are made in China and imported by All Power Industries. They are considered a good budget option; designed for light, infrequent use.

All Supa Swift products are backed by All Power Industries with a 2 year warranty and the products are supported by the All Power nationwide Service Dealer and Spare Parts Network.

ALLPOWER Supa Swift Inverter Generator Product Manual


Additional Information

SKU XG2600
Country of Manufacture
Brand Supaswift
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 240V
Continuous Output 2300w
Maximum Output 2600w
DC Output 12 V
Displacement 125cc
Starting Method Recoil, with Automatic Choke
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 Litres
Cont. Working Time 5 hours (75% load)
Noise @ 7m 58dba
Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 545 x 290 x 490
Net Weight (kg) 28.0 Kg
Engine Oil
Oil Capacity
Ignition System
Spark Plug
Max. Power
Engine Speed
Compression Ratio
Fuel Unleaded Petrol
Fuel Consumption
Outlets 2 x 15Amp outlets
Manufacturers Warranty 2 years domestic


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For details relating to Supa Swift generator warranty CLICK HERE



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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:Hi, are the Supa Swift generators suitable to run a HD TV? Also can it serve to recharge battery packs? Thank you

    Hi - The Supa Swift Generators are inverter generators, meaning they produce pure sine wave power which is suitable to run sensitive electronics such as TV's, mobile phones, laptops etc. 

    In terms of battery charging, inverter generators are very popular for charging auxiliary / camping batteries. The one recommendation that we make is that you use a battery charger between the generator and your batteries - this ensures that the battery charge is regulated properly and your batteries are charged safely.

  • Q:Hi, can the Supa Swift be plugged directly into my motorhome's 240volt inlet? I only run a small 600watt microwave and a pod coffee machine.

    Hi Ian, yes you can. You just need a male to male chord/plug to connect between the generator and your motorhome outlet. This SupaSwift generator will product a maximum amount of peak output of 2600 watts and a running output for 2300 watts. Many thanks

  • Q:Where can I purchase a oil dip stick for this inverter generator?

    Hi Jeff, you can contact All Power who are the national distributors for Supa Swift and hold spare parts:  1300 333 428. Thanks.

  • Q:Is the Supaswift 4-stroke or 2-stroke?

    Hi Dimi - the Supa Swift generators are 4 stroke engines. The run on unleaded petrol. 

    In fact, all of our petrol generators are 4 stroke. We do not stock any 2 stroke generators, nor are we aware of any reputible ones currently available on the market. 

    Many thanks. 

  • Q:My product manual for my inverter generator mentions an 'earthing wire / earthing stake' - do I need this?

    Hi there, good question. This is mentioned in generator manuals and is a safety feature that will earth the generator. You do have the option to fit an 'earth wire'. Connecting an earth wire and stake is an option available to customer's that purchase a generator.

    An earth wire and stake is not supplied with generators that we sell and is application specific. In practice, we do not see customer's do this, especially for inverter generators. It can be something that is implemented for more specialized generators on mining work sites for example...for common applications, it is not common practice to 'earth' the generator with a wire and stake. If you are in doubt, and you have a specialized generator requirement that may need 'earthing', please consult an electrician. Hope that helps.

  • Q:Hi, I need to run the generator up to 6 hrs a day for 8 weeks straight to charge batteries through a C tek 25 amp charger. I also run an a/c that my 3kva ran comfortably for an hr each day for the same period. Is it capable?

    Hi Greg, the short answer is no. The Supaswift generators are not designed to be used at that level of intensity. They are made in China and are designed for light, infrequent use. Essentially they work smaller engines harder to get more power output. They are to be used for ocassional recreational or small home back up power applications. 

    For your described amount of usage, we would just about suggest a 1500rpm water cooled stationary diesel generator - these type of gensets are designed for prolonged, continuous use. However, they are much larger and more expensive. 

    If you elect to use a portable, petrol powered generator, then it is recommended you consider a brand such as Yamaha, which are designed to handle more regular operation, and come with a longer warranty. 

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