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Redarc 115w Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells

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Redarc 115w Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Redarc 20 Amp Solar Regulator and Cable Value Pack

Redarc 20 Amp Solar Regulator and Cable Value Pack

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Quick Overview

Redarc 115w Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells, 2 year warranty


Product Description

Redarc 115w Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells, 2 year warranty

REDARC’s 115W Solar Blanket SunPower® Cells have been designed for portability and strength they feature no grid lines, a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency. The unique design of SunPower® cells reduces cell failure from corrosion and breakage.

Using an anti-reflective scratch-resistant ETFE coating, the 115W SunPower® solar blanket features a high melting temperature, is UV resistant and has chemical and self-cleaning non-stick resistance properties, making this blanket highly reliable and efficient.

Designed to charge 12 volt Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle battery systems, the 115W SunPower® blanket will provide extra battery charge to power 12 volt equipment. It is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable, easy to store and is about a third of the weight of an equivalent glass folding panel.

What’s more set up is now even easier thanks to genuine industry standard Anderson™ SB™50 connectors. These high quality Anderson™ plugs are simple and fast to connect with no screw terminals and no risk of poor connections from frayed wired or loose terminals – just plug and play!


  • Designed for portability and strength with SunPower®’s unique cells
  • Anti-reflective scratch resistant with ETFE coating
  • Genuine Industry Standard Anderson™ SB™50 plug connection
  • A third of the weight of an equivalent glass folding panel
  • Designed for 12v Automotive, Marine and Recreational vehicle battery systems
  • High power output, compared to glass folding aluminium panels

REDARC recommends the purchase of a REDARC Solar Regulator, which is essential to ensure that the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently and will protect batteries from over charging. Minimum 10A Solar Regulator required for the 112W Amorphous solar blanket.

Why not consider the REDARC 20 Amp Solar Value Pack, which includes all you need to connect your blanket to your battery. This pack includes a 5m cable, a 20A Solar Regulator and a battery clip cable.

Redarc 112W Solar Blanket Amorphous Cells Product Brochure

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Additional Information


Short Description

Redarc 115w Solar Blanket Sunpower Cells, 2 year warranty

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 9338628004133
Brands Redarc
Solar Panel Type Folding Solar Panels
Wattage 2W
Open Circuit Voltage Voc(V) 23.8V
Maximum Power Voltage 19.8V
Maximum Power Current 5.8A
Net Weight (kg) 4.5 Kg
Width (mm) 930
Length (mm) 1080


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  • Q:What’s the difference between Mono & Polycrystalline solar cells?

    There's actually not a whole lot of difference when it comes to Caravan, RV and Camping applications to be honest. They are different cell types and are more relevant for home grid tied roof top.

    You will read that poly are better in low light conditions and mono are more efficient. But for roof top caravan's the difference is negligible.

    The most important thing is to get a well-constructed roof top panel from a quality brand and get the right sizing for your application.




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