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The advantage to petrol generators is that there’s a wide range of generator brands and models to choose from. This simply comes down to the fact that they have been around much longer than diesel generators. While each of the top generator brands, such as Crommelins, Advanced Power, Hyundai, Yamaha and Subaru, are not necessarily better than the other, they do specialise in manufacturing generators for different applications.

Manufacturers now incorporate advanced economy modes and features to deliver better fuel efficiency, and ultimately better value for money.

Petrol generators are well suited to various uses, including powering large events, emergency back-up for homes and offices, and powering construction sites where there is restricted access to a mains electricity supply. Choose from the robust range of generators that have been designed to withstand the tough demands of the worksite, and keep it powered up safely and efficiently. Many gensets include WorkCover safety features such as earth leakage protection and toughened rollover casing.

Before you decide on your petrol generator, take some time to work out the size you need. It’s important to ensure the genset can handle your power needs. Depending on how you are planning to use your petrol generator, you might want to consider a long-range fuel tank, which allows you to run your generator for longer without worrying about refueling.

Petrol generators come with different voltage control options, including AVR, Inverter, and conventional (condenser type). The conventional generator is most suited for power tools and resistive loads such as a kettle, toaster, lights and other appliances that don’t require great accuracy and consistency in the power supply. These gensets are typically low-maintenance and sturdy, making them ideal for worksites, farms and construction jobs.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) generators regulate the voltage output to ensure a consistent power supply without brownouts or spikes. This makes them better suited for use with sensitive equipment or for starting motors. However, for the purest sine wave power required by today’s high-tech equipment, it’s better to choose an Inverter generator. This type of generator maintains a consistently high accuracy level of voltage with very low wave distortion; in other words, no surges and spikes.