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Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge

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Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Quick Overview

Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Compressor Refrigerator, 2yr warranty

Quick Overview

Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Compressor Refrigerator, 2yr warranty


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Evakool 240 Volt to 12 Volt DC Adaptor (12 AMP peak)

Evakool 240 Volt to 12 Volt DC Adaptor (12 AMP peak)


Product Description

Currently FREE with the Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Fridge is a Evakool Icekool 20 Litre Icebox!

RRP $99 (bonus item only while stock lasts):

Evakool Icekool 20 Litre Icebox Bonus

Icekool is the perfect combination of quality, durability and performance. Featuring a tough polyethelene cabinet and Evakool's superior insulation Icekool iceboxes can hold ice for up to 3 days (dependant on quantity and quality of ice and ambient temperature).

Icekool iceboxes are ideal for family picnics, the beach, parties, camping and boating. [CLICK ON ABOVE IMAGE FOR PRODUCT LINK] 

Product Description:

Evakool Elite 81 Litre 12/24 Volt Compressor Refrigerator, 2 Year Warranty. Australian designed Recreational Vehicle Fridge & Freezer built to perfrom in harsh Australian climates.


  • Secop PBC 2.5 (formerly Danfoss BD50) compressors ensure whisper quiet, reliable operation
  • Automatic compressor speed selection ensures maximum efficiency whilst minimising power draw 
  • Self diagnostic fault system, low voltage protection, externally mounted condensor for improved performance 
  • New cabinet design includes mounting frame and a freezer drawer for ease of access 
  • Modern design cabinets - matt black finish, steel body and doors, reversible doors and interior light

Designed For:

  • Motor Homes
  • Caravans
  • Camper Trailers
  • Boats
  • Off grid homes relying on 12 volt and solar power
This fridge runs on 12 or 24 volt DC power. To run the fridge from 240 Volt mains power, you will need use a Power Adaptor (see Accessory List above) - these are popular for when AC mains power is available and you want to run 12 / 24 Volt DC applainces.

Evakool Product Brochure

Evakool Product Manual

Additional Information


Brand Evakool
Product Type Upright 12/24 Volt Compressor Driven Fridge-Freezer designed for Recreational Vehicles
Model Evakool Elite EL81
Total Capacity (Litres) 81
Freezer Compartment (Litres) 22
Fridge Dimensions: 745mm x 520mm x 605mm (HxWxD) | Dimensions Including Mounting Frame: 774mm x 578mm x 605mm (HxWxD)
Net Weight (kg) 36.0 Kg
Voltage 12 / 24 volts DC
Power consumption (DC 12V) Average hourly power consumption at 32°C over 24hrs: Fridge at +4°C, Freezer at -15°C = 2.5 Amps / hr
Temperature Range Fridge -5°C to +10°C | Freezer -5°C to -18°C
Climate Class T +
Compressor Secop PBC 2.5 (formally Danfoss BD50)
Insulation Wall Thickness: Fridge = 35mm, Freezer = 50mm
Material metal cabinet, steel body and doors
Colour matt black finish
Door reversible doors
Included Installation frame included
Manufacturers Warranty 2 years
NOTE This fridge runs on 12 or 24 volt DC power. To run the fridge from 240 Volt AC mains power, you will need use a Power Adaptor


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Evakool Elite Upright Caravan Fridge/Freezers


Evakool Elite Upright Recreational Vehicle Fridges


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:Hi, I’m looking at an Evakool upright fridge for our van. What are the differences between the Evakool Platinum models and the Evakool Elite models?

    Hi Stewart, great question. Evakool released their new Elite Fridge range in April 2018, whereas their Platinum Fridge models have been around for a few years and have been very popular. 

    The success of the Platinum range has been largely due to Evakool's focus on ensuring these RV fridges will still perform at maximum cooling capacity even in the hottest of temperatures. The insulation thickness of their walls and doors, along with the externally mounted condenser design makes this range a popular choice for recreational vehicles heading in to hotter climates. 

     With the newer Elite range, Evakool have 'up-specced' the fridge offering for the RV market;

    - Elite models come with install mounting frame included 

    - Elite models have a drawer freezer at the bottom, and freezer tub is removable

    - In the 2 larger Elite models (EL145 and EL208) they come with 2 compressors allowing you to turn off either of the compressors if not required ,thereby reducing power draw. Reduced demand on each compressor when operating in higher ambient temperatures, as opposed to having  one compressor to cool both the fridge and freezer. This provides confidence that if travelling and one compressor was to fail that you can still use the other compartment. Because the cabinet is so well insulated the compartment for which the compressor has failed can still be used as an icebox / cooler.

    - Like the Platinum range, the Elite range has exceptional performance in high ambient temps as both the fridge and freezer have a dedicated compressor. 

    ...The above points are some of the main Specification differences between the two ranges. There are other features for each model (e.g. size, colour, freezer capacity, power draw etc.) which you can view on the product pages for each individual model.  Both ranges use the universally renowned Secop (Danfoss) compressor, come with a 2 year warranty and are supported by national service agent networks.

    Overall, we have no hesitation in recommending Evakool Upright RV 12/24V DC Fridges (both the Platinum and Elite ranges): they are a great option designed for: Motor Homes, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Boats and other recreational vehicles...they can also be used within 'off grid' homes relying on 12 volt and solar power. 



  • Q:What type of compressor is used in the Evakool Upright Fridge models? And, what are the benefits of these? I want a Caravan Fridge that will perform well in the heat up north. Thanks.

    Hi There, all of the Evakool Upright models (both the Platinum and Elite range) use the Secop PBC 2.5 (formally Danfoss BD50).

    Note that the two larger Elite models actually use 2 x compressors. See separate Q&A regarding the reasoning behind having 2 compressors and why this might be beneficial for RV owners.

    Re the actual compressor mode - Not too many people know, that the Secop compressor is a 4 speed compressor. At its slowest speed, 2000RPM, it’s rated at 42 Watts of cooling and at high speed, 3500RPM, it’s rated at 71.6Watts.

    Most of the power consumed by any fridge is on start up, as the motor is trying to turn over; the amps can rise to as high as 10 amps then settle as it comes up to speed. Evakool have programmed the compressor to soft start, drawing the least amount of amps as possible. Most manufacturers set their fridges at 1 speed (normally high speed) resulting in very high amp draw on each start up, adding greatly to the overall power consumption.

    Once the fridge has soft started then the electronics will automatically select the right speeds to handle the load given. E.g. In winter where there is very little heat load it may only use the slower less power consuming speeds to achieve temperature , saving even more power than if it was pre-set at one high speed.

  • Q:What type of condensers are used in the Evakool Elite Fridge models?

    There are two types of condensers commonly used today:

    These are the black pipes you see commonly on the back of the refrigerator. The purpose of the condenser is to expel the heat that has been collected from inside the cabinet via the refrigerant. Passive condensers rely on natural air convection (warm air rises) to move air over the wire covered coil and this removes the heat. The pros and cons of this condenser include:

         Pros: no moving parts. Doesn’t need cleaning.
         Cons: not as efficient in expelling its heat in high ambient temperatures.

    Fan Cooled:
    This type of condenser is far more efficient than passive as there is a fan drawing air through the condenser, removing more heat and of course quicker. The pros and cons of this condenser include:

         Pros: super efficient. Very small, normally the same size as the fan.
         Cons: needs cleaning. If blocked with dust or the fan fails, the fridge will stop working all together.

    What Evakool has done on the ELITE is to combine the two! They have used the fan that cools the compressor electronics, to pre-cool a section of the condenser before it goes into the passive section. The result is that the fridge can operate more efficiently in hotter temperatures, it doesn’t need cleaning and if the fan ever fails, the fridge will continue to operate.

  • Q:Why is the fault light on my Evakool Fridge flashing?

    The fault light on the display board is a self diagnostic feature built into the Secop compressor; depending on the amount of flashes it will tell you what is wrong with the fridge

    Error type:

    1 Flash - Battery protection cut-out (The voltage is outside the cut-out setting).

    2 Flahes - Fan over-current cut-out (The fan loads the electronic unit with more than 1Apeak).

    3 Flashes - Motor start error (The rotor is blocked or the differential pres-sure in the refrigeration system is too high (>5 bar)).

    4 Flashes- Minimum motor speed errors (If the refrigeration system is too heavily loaded, the motor cannot maintain minimum speed at approximately 1,850 rpm).

    5 Flashes - Thermal cut-out of electronic unit (If the refrigeration system has been too heavily loaded, or if the ambient temperature is high, the electronic unit will run too hot).

  • Q:Do I need to purchase Anderson plugs for my Evakool Elite fridge? Thanks.

    Hi there,

    No, the Elite Models have been fitted with two Anderson plugs, this will ensure that there will be NO voltage drop at this connection and NO chance of wires accidentally coming off on rough roads.

    NB. Evakool recommend that two separate cables (2 x 6mm twin auto cable) should be run from the battery to the refrigerator, treat it as two separate fridges. 

  • Q:Does my Evakool Fridge come with circuit breakers? Thanks.

    Hi there,

    Yes, each system has been fitted with a 15Amp circuit breaker to protect the circuit and electronics.

  • Q:Does my Evakool Elite Fridge come with a mounting kit?

    Hi there,

    Yes, the Evakool Elite Fridges come standard with a surround mounting kit pre attached. If not required it just unscrews off.



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