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Evakool DC35, 33 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer

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Evakool DC35, 33 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer Review  |  Q&A  | 


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Evakool Tie Down Straps x4

Evakool Tie Down Straps x4

Evakool 160 Watt Solar Panel Bi-Fold

Evakool 160 Watt Solar Panel Bi-Fold

Evakool 240 Watt Solar Panel Tri-Fold

Evakool 240 Watt Solar Panel Tri-Fold

Evakool EvaPower 100A 12V Deep Cycle Battery with Battery Box & Wiring Harness

Evakool EvaPower 100A 12V Deep Cycle Battery with Battery Box & Wiring Harness

Evakool EvaPower 150 Watt Ultralight Solar Blanket

Evakool EvaPower 150 Watt Ultralight Solar Blanket

Evakool EvaPower 200 Watt Ultralight Solar Blanket

Evakool EvaPower 200 Watt Ultralight Solar Blanket

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Quick Overview

Evakool DC35, 33 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer, 2 year warranty

Product Description

Evakool DC35, 33 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer, 2 year warranty. Evakool DC Fridge/Freezers are ideal for trucks, buses, vans as well as the family car. The DC range of Fridge/Freezers are the perfect balance of affordability and style.

Whether you’re camping, taking a road trip or spending the day on the beach we all want to be able to keep our food fresh and drinks ice cold. With an Evakool DC Fridge/Freezer in the back of your vehicle, you’ll have a compact and efficient fridge to do the job.


  • Two models
  • Fridge or freezer capability
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • 12/24 and 240 volt operation built in


  • Rugged poly cabinet
  • Fully insulated base, lid and walls
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Smooth internal walls, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Quality Fittings


  • Silent, reliable, efficient operation
  • Low voltage protection
  • Will operate on angles up to 30 degrees
  • Self diagnostic fault system
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Turbo mode for faster cooling
  • Automatic reverse polarity protection


Evakool DC35


Short Description Evakool DC35, 33 Litre Portable Fridge Freezer, 2 year warranty
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 9330263009276
Brands Evakool
Product Type Compressor driven portable fridge freezer, designed for vehicles and recreational use
Model DC35
Total Capacity (Litres) 22 Litres
Fridge Cabinet Material Polypropylene - Plastic
Length (mm) 540 mm
Width (mm) 379 mm
Height (mm) 455 mm
Internal Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 345mm x 280mm x 360mm (LxWxH)
Net Weight (kg) 15.0 Kg
Voltage Operates on 12/24volts DC, and 240volts AC
Avg Power Consumption (at ambient Temp of 32°C) -> Eco +05ºC: 1.0 - 1.5 A/Hr, Turbo +05ºC: 1.3 - 1.8 A/Hr, Turbo -16ºC: 2.0 - 2.5 A/Hr
Temperature Range +10°c ~ -20°c Up to 50C below ambient temperature
Compressor EVAKOOL CK15 Compressor
Product Material Polypropolene
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) External - 540mm x 379mm x 455mm (LxWxH)
Manufacturers Warranty 2 year warranty. Nation-wide service support.
NOTE Note that average power consumption data depends on things such as ambient temp, compressor speed (fridge setting), temp of contents in fridge.
Popular Product Applications Portable camping Fridge, 12V camping fridge, portable compressor fridge, small camping fridge

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Evakool DC25 and DC35 Fridge/Freezers


Evakool DC25 & DC35 Portable Fridge Freezers

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  • Q:Hi, Why is this evakool 33 litre fridge model cheaper than the evakool 30 litre glacier model?

    Hi Ken, the Evakool G30 Glacier model is a slightly thicker portable fridge despite having a little less internal capacity. The Glacier range also includes the Danfoss (Secop) BD35F compressor which is considered the universal compressor brand for portable fridges in the market.

    The Evakool DC35 model is slightly thinner in terms of cabinet insulation (and consequently lighter), and uses an Evakool branded Compressor, the CK15.

    Overall, we see the Glacier as a more typical style portable fridge that suits all range of applications; camping, RV’ing, boating, picnics, small events, work vehicles, small business and more. The EC model, with is a slightly smaller and lighter design is aimed at mostly being a vehicle fridge, fitting snuggly in your car, van or truck. The smaller EC models are popular for people wanting to keep their fridge in their vehicle without moving it around to other places. Thank you.


  • Q:Hi can the evacool 33 litre fridge fit a bottle of champagne standing up right.

    Hi There,

    A standard champagne bottle would be approx 292mm tall, and the internal height of this fridge is 360mm.

    Based on the above, a champagne bottle would fit just fine.

  • Q:How much height will the Evakool Universal Fridge Slide add to the overall height of my portable fridge?

    The Overall height of the fridge slide is 100mm, but with your fridge mounted on the slide it will only add an extra 65mm to the overall height.

  • Q:Can I run my portable fridge freezer directly from a solar panel/blanket?

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately no, a battery must always be used to provide a continuous power supply. You must plug the portable fridge/freezer into the battery and then plug the battery into the solar panel/blanket.

    The solar panel/blanket on its own is unable to provide stable and constatnt power to your portable fridge/freezer, which is required to mantain your pre-set temperature.

    Thanks for your question.

  • Q:Why do I have to ensure my portable fridge freezer is setup in a well ventilated location?

    Hi there,

    When a portable fridge/freezer is not properly ventilated, the unit can overheat and result in high power consumption leading to poor performance and efficiency.

    It's also recommended to regularly clean the air inlet and outlet vents so that it is free from dust to prevent blockages.

    Thanks for your question.

  • Q:In the Evakool portable fridge ranges, which models are genuine Dual Zone? (i.e. can separately operate one zone as a fridge and the other as a freezer)

    Hi George,

    Evakool have just released a new portable Dual Zone range: the TMDZ Travelmate Dual Zone Fridge Freezers. This range features five different models:

    They also offer two in the Glacier range, the Glacier 74 Litre G75-DX-DL  and  Glacier 89 Litre G100-DX-DL.

    All of these models feature separate compartments, two lids (except the 43L, 51L and 62L), and most importantly a dual zone circuit cooling system;  meaning they can be a freezer in both compartments, a fridge in either compartment or a freezer on one side and a fridge in the other compartment...the choice is yours!

    Many thanks.

  • Q:There are a few different types of Evakool portable fridge ranges - can you explain some of the main differences between them and the recommended/ideal type of use for each Evakool range?

    Hi Jan, we certainly can! The below will definitely help:

    Evakool Fibreglass range:  These are the premium offering from Evakool and their fiberglass material mean they have exceptional insulation and will always perform very well, even in extremely hot environments. No need for an external fridge cover. They will reach desired low temperatures quicker than plastic cabinet fridges. The fiberglass material also makes them easy to clean and they will not absorb any smells - they are consequently popular for fishing requirements, among many other uses. Evakool make these models in Australia and they come with a 5 year warranty. Very popular for camping, caravan/camper trailer trips, 4WD'ing and boating. You will pay slightly more for these models, but the benefits are very compelling.

    Evakool Fridgemate range:  These models are built tough with an extra thick polyethylene exterior making them perfect for tradesmen, farmers, hunters etc. You can place these in the back of the ute and not worry about other objects hitting and damaging the exterior of the fridge. They are very robust.  The height of the fridge’s are also designed with the height of a ute tray in mind. Popular in the bush and rural locations where the fridge may be exposed to rougher rides in the back of the ute/truck/work vehicle.  This range is also made in Australia and comes with a 5 year warranty.

    Evakool TMX Travelmate range:  This range represents the ‘all-rounder’ of portable fridges and offers great value for money. For several hundred dollars less than other similar competitor’s models, you get a high quality portable fridge-freezer with a 5 year warranty and each model comes with an insulated fridge cover included. They are lightweight, compact (with drop down handles) and use the universal Danfoss (Secop) compressor, which is a proven compressor brand within the portable fridge industry. These fridges are used for just about everything: boating, four wheel driving, caravan/camping adventures, picnics, small events, mobile businesses etc.  

    Evakool TMDZ Travelmate range:  This range is the newest Evakool range on the market. These fridges are a step up from the above TMX Travelmate range, in that they are Dual Zone fridge freezers and feature two seperate compartments. This meaning they can be a freezer in both compartments, a fridge in either compartment or a freezer on one side and a fridge in the other compartment...the choice is yours! These fridges still feature the Danfoss (Secop) Compressor, are made of polypropylene, Wifi enabled and are multi-voltage. All of this, plus this range features a unique lid design which enables the lid/lids to be opened from either side or removed completly, all in one action! There's no wonder these fridges rival the Dometic CFX range.

    Evakool Glacier Range: This is one of Evakool’s ranges that have a lower 2 year warranty, which brings their price down and therefore they make an enticing value proposition. The majority of the Glacier models have metal cabinetry, making them tough on the exterior. Customers that will use their fridge in the back of vehicles and likely expose the fridge to being knocked about a bit will sometimes prefer a metal exterior. The metal material does make the fridge heavier, however. This range have some popular larger dual zone models, whereby the zone’s temperatures can be separately controlled to run either as a fridge or as a freezer. Often used in camper trailers as the range has sizes which fit neatly in typical camper drawer openings.

    Evakool RV Range: This range is similar to the above Glacier range in that most models (the larger units) have a metal cabinet and a 2 year warranty, except the models are all single tubs. This range is suited to the budget conscious that just wants a single tub/compartment to run either entirely as a fridge, or entirely as a freezer. A simpler range than the abovementioned ranges that mostly have models with dual compartments. If you just want a single zone, no-fuss, good value portable fridge, then this range is worthy of consideration.  


    Our bestselling ranges from Evakool are the:  Fiberglass models, the TMX Travelmates and TMDZ models, and the Glacier models.

    Overall, we have no hesitation in recommending the Evakool brand:  they are an Australian company who take pride in manufacturing and distributing high quality portable and upright fridges for the recreational vehicle/travel market, that have been thoroughly tested to perform in the Australian environment. Their fridges will keep your drinks cool, your food fresh and meat frozen when required. Their entire range is backed by a nationwide service agent and spare parts support network – meaning you are in safe hands for any warranty repair or spare part requirements. Cheers!  

  • Q:What type of compressor do Evakool portable fridges use?

    Evakool portable fridge / freezers feature a SECOP compressor (formally known as Danfoss compressors). This compressor is the most commonly known on the market and is found in Evakool, Camec and Bushman portable fridges.

    To find out more information on the SECOP Compressor and to compare other fridge compressors, check out our blog post here: https://bit.ly/2OIro2V 



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