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Crommelins Subaru 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer

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Crommelins Subaru 3000PSI Diesel Professional Pressure Washer, 2 year warranty

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Crommelins 21" Commercial Surface Cleaner

Crommelins 21" Commercial Surface Cleaner

Crommelins CPC 20m ext hose inc fittings

Crommelins CPC 20m ext hose inc fittings

Crommelins Commercial Turbo Nozzle for CPC Washers

Crommelins Commercial Turbo Nozzle for CPC Washers

Crommelins CPC 30m ext hose inc fittings

Crommelins CPC 30m ext hose inc fittings

Crommelins CPC 10m ext hose inc fittings

Crommelins CPC 10m ext hose inc fittings

Product Details


The Crommelins Subaru 3000psi Diesel Pressure Cleaner is powered by the 9.4hp DY42 Subaru Engine, delivering a max power of 3000psi. Ideal for washing down dusty & dirty machinery, cleaning worksites and construction/mining equipment, as well as agricultural and general trade uses.

The benefits of Diesel longevity and tough roll frame, the unit is popular for mining jobs and can be fully equiped with bunding, safety stop and extinguishers if required. See more features below. 

A tough workhorse complete with gun and hose holders, 4x wheels, central lifting hook, push handle and rubber isolated engine mounting (to reduce vibration). Backed by Crommelins National Service Network with a 2 year Warranty. 


  • Electric start (E) comes standard
  • Genuine 9.4hp Subaru diesel engine
  • Heavy duty roll frame with gun and hose holder
  • Central Lifting Hook
  • Rubber isolated engine mounting plate
  • AR Pressure Pump with ceramic pistons & 2:1 reduction gearbox
  • Adjustable pressure regulator & detergent injector nozzle
  • Heavy duty gun with twin lance
  • 10m high pressure hose
  • 1yr Crommelins pressure pump warranty
  • 3yr Subaru engine warranty


  • Mine Spec
  • Bunding
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety stop
  • Custom colouring
  • Lockable battery isolator


  • Machinery wash down
  • Mud from flooded areas
  • Fences, Walls
  • Shop fronts, Floors, Awnings
  • Dairy sheds


  • Mining
  • Hire & Rental
  • Commercial Use
  • Industrial Use
  • Cleaning
  • Rural & Farm

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Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Brand Crommelins
Model CPC3000SDE
Max. Pressure 3000psi Max
Flow 15L per minute power flow
Engine Type Subaru 9.4 Horsepower Diesel DY42 Engine, Electric Start, 4.5 litre fuel tank
Pump Triplex
High Pressure Hose 10m HD Braided Hose
Nozzles Adjustable pressure regulator & detergent injector nozzle, Twin lance HD Gun
Soap Tanks Detergent Suction Pickup
Wheels 4 x Pneumatic wheels
Warranty Residential
Warranty Commercial 2 years
Net Weight (kg) 117.0 Kg
Product Dimensions (LxWxH) 1020x700x860mm


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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:What are the differences in the type of pumps used in Commercial Grade pressure washers as opposed to Domestic pressure washers?

    Howdy, good question! Quality commercial grade pressure washers from brands such as Gerni, Crommelins, Subaru, AR Blue Clean will use brass pump heads which are stronger, can handle more intensive use and have a longer lifetime. 

    Quality commercial grade pressure washers will also use solid ceramic pistons to avoid corrosion and thus also extending the unit's lifetime.

    Domestic pressure washers will typically use an aluminum pump head and solid steel pistons. These are lighter in weight and suit household cleaning requirements. When looking at domestic washers, again its best to opt for a quality brand (as listed above) as they will use non-corrosive aluminum which will prolong the life of the unit, as compared to cheaper brands which are often prone to corrosion.


  • Q:What's the best way to gauge the full power of a pressure washer? Is it just the PSI pressure rating?

    Hi James, great question. The cleaning power of a pressure washer is a combination of its pressure (PSI rating) and water flow rate (litres per minute). 

    Often people only consider the PSI number when looking at pressure washer models, but in fact testing shows that a greater water flow rate has a slightly greater influence on overall cleaning effectiveness:

    - Increasing the PSI rating of a pressure washer unit by 10% will increase cleaning effectiveness by 7%

    - Increasing the Water Flow Rate of a pressure washer unit by 10% will increase cleaning effectiveness by 12%

    So when comparing pressure models, be sure to consider each model's PSI rating and its Water Flow Rate capacity.   

    Note there are obviously many other factors on a unit to unit basis which also influences a pressure washer's cleaning capabilty such as; water temperature capacity, type and make of pump, piston types, nozzle & gun types etc.    

  • Q:What accessory or accessories do you recommend to go with a pressure washer for cleaning outdoor concrete areas?

    Hi, for smaller domestic concrete requirements such as standard sized driveways or small patios, you can look at a patio cleaner/surface cleaner accessory - typically a circular head of around 12 inches that minimise splashback, have strong brushes which clean patios, paths, driveways etc. at quick rotation to significantly speed up the cleaning of your home outside areas.

    For larger concrete areas or for commercial requirements, look for a nozzle know as a turbo nozzle / turbohammer / powerspeed nozzle - These nozzles will spin a zero degree spray in a wider circle at 3000 rotations per minute. The spinning water jet hits the surface area from multiple angles, quickly breaking down caked-on dirt and grime. As a result, turbo nozzles can cut cleaning time drastically. Excellent for larger concrete areas and for particularly tough to clean surfaces. You can also consider a commercial grade patio/surface cleaner which are made of stainless steel and are available with some commercial grade washers. 

    In both the domestic and commercial cases, some pressure washer models come with the abovementioned accessory, and some models require the accessory to be added seperately.      

  • Q:Do the Crommelins Subaru pressure washers come with thermal relief valve?

    Yes, the Crommelins Subaru Pressure Washer range does indeed come with thermal release valves on all models: it involves a valve that releases water when pressure is built up, but the trigger of the gun is not pulled to release, which is designed to protect your unit. Thanks.