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Camping & Caravan Generators

Camping & Caravan Generators

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Camping & Caravan Generators

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Portable inverter generators are a a great power source for camping, your caravan, motrohome, camper trailer or when camp drafting. You may only require a smaller generator to top up your deep cycle batteries (often to complement your solar set-up), or you may require a slightly larger generator to run those larger appliances such as your caravan air-conditioner, microwave, hair dryer, washing machine etc.

What is an inverter generator?

An inverter generator produces DC power and uses a digital electronic alternator to invert it back to a steady flow of AC power. This is perfect for sensitive electronics like stereos and laptops.

We offer inverter generators from brands including Briggs & Stratton, Cromtech, Dunlite, Gentech, Pramac, Yamaha, and more. Shop the My Generator range today.