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Bushman 61L Absorption 3 Way Chest Fridge/Freezer

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Bushman 61L Absorption 3 Way Chest Fridge/Freezer 4.8/5 3 Reviews  |  Q&A  | 


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Quick Overview:

Bushman XD70 61L Portable Absorption 3 Way Fridge/Freezer, 2 year warranty

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Quick Overview:

Bushman XD70 61L Portable Absorption 3 Way Fridge/Freezer, 2 year warranty

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Product Details


Bushman XD70 3 way chest fridge/freezer, 61 Litres, 2 year warranty.  A recent addition to the Bushman family, the XD 70 is a large, 61 litre 3-way chest fridge or freezer. The XD 70 runs on Gas, 12 V, 240 V and carries a tropical “T” rating for operation in high ambient temperatures.

This fridge requires a stable, level surface to work and runs for up to a month on a standard 9kg gas bottle, making it very popular for campers going on longer stints and dont want to have to worry about battery or mains power. If you're looking for a portable gas camping fridge, this is it. 

It's Tough:

  • Steel cabinet
  • Steel carry handles

Super Efficient:

  • Runs for up to a month on a std 9kg propane gas bottle
  • Extra thick 80mm insulated walls
  • Use as a fridge or freezer on 240V or LPGas

Easy to use:

  • Piezo ignition
  • Flame indicator
  • Lift out & sliding basket


  • Gas regulator
  • Steel braided hose
  • Internal basket

Bushman Product Brochure


Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Brand Bushman
Product Type Portable absorption 3 way fridge freezer for 12 volts, 240 volts and gas operation
Total Capacity (Litres) 61 Litres
Input Rating 240 Volts, 12 Volts; 150 Watts. Gas; 285g over 24 hours
Height (mm) 685
Width (mm) 655
Depth (mm) 515
Cut Out Required H 685mm x W 655mm x D 515mm
Net Weight (kg) 37.0 Kg
Consumption Runs for up to a month on a std 9kg propane gas bottle
Power consumption (DC 12V) Draws 12.5 A @ 12 V, Draws 0.625 A @ 240 V
Temperature Range T Rated (Designed and rated to work up to 43C ambient)
Insulation Extra thick 80mm insulated walls
Material Steel cabinet, Steel carry handles
Bonus Accessory Kit Gas regulator, Steel braided hose, Internal basket
Manufacturers Warranty 2 year warranty
NOTE Note, for 12V operation heavy duty wiring is required.


Customer Reviews

The Perfect Fridge/Freezer? Review by Simon Garnock-Jones , Bli Bli Queensland

Product Review

When away camping the power cut out at home and our freezer and contents were ruined. The Bushman XD70 is the perfect replacement for us. It holds enough for the two of us at home and when we go away we can take it with us, run it on 12v in the car and on gas or 240v at the campsite. Never again will we come home to a mess of stinky food and a ruined freezer.

Shopping Experience

My Generator were great to deal with and very prompt in shipping our order, providing tracking so we were able to be home for the delivery.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 6/27/18)
Good product Review by Ian Bloxham , Caloundra QLD

Product Review

The product is great. Heavy to move around compared to a regular 12V unit, but small price to pay for something that can run on gas.

Shopping Experience

My only disappointment was not with the product (so far), but rather the delivery process, which saw a $1000+ item delivered to the wrong address. It was fortunate that the address it went to, happened to be a reputable business in Caboolture, but it could have easily have been the exact opposite. This saw me having to drive 70km to pick up the unit at my own time and cost. In hindsight, if I knew this extra cost would have been incurred I probably would have just bought the unit from my local TJM store and had the reassurance of a local return point should any warranty claim happen with the item.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 4/18/18)
Quality Ausrtalian Product Review by Peter , Mount Crosby Queensland

Product Review

We used the gas freezer out bush during the hot Christmas/New Year break and it worked flawlessly. It would freeze water bottles overnight that we used to keep our regular eskies cool. It was quite efficient with its gas usage too.

Shopping Experience

I did have an issue with not receiving their generated emails to my address but I used the chat session to redirect it another address and it worked then. Not sure what the issue was but they rectified it quickly. Other than that the freezer arrived safely and within a quick time frame.
Recommend this product to a friend? yes
(Posted on 1/11/18)

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Product Faqs

Ask a Question

  • Q:Hi, I want to use my 90amp hour camping battery to run a portable fridge. How many hours will I get from my battery before needing to recharge? And what solar panels should I use to charge the battery?

    Hi Greg, great question. It is good that you will use the solar panel to charge the battery, as opposed to running the fridge directly from the solar panel, as voltage will drop if clouds come overhead for instance. You can run the fridge direct from your solar panels if you wish, but using the battery means your refrigerator keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops severely due to cloud cover.

    Presumably your 90amp hour battery is an AGM / GEL / Lead Acid type, meaning they have an approximate 'Depth of Discharge' of around 50% - so you can only use around half the capacity of the battery before you need to recharge. For Lithium batteries, you can get down to around 20% of capacity (sometimes more), however lithium batteries are more expensive. So, your battery model has around 45 hours capacity before you need to recharge. A portable camping fridge of say around 40-50 litres in size will draw approximately 0.75 amps/hr*. Meaning you will get approximately 60 hours of total run time from your battery before needing to re-charge, assuming you are running just your fridge and nothing else. Obviously different brands and models have different power draw ratings and a larger portable fridge will draw more power than a smaller model - best to check each fridge model's specifications for precise power draw data.

    Now looking at solar panels and the fact you may also want some other small camping appliances as well as the fridge:  A good rule of thumb to prevent inadequacies with power supply is to have a solar panel large enough to provide enough daily power to run your appliances, and have battery storage of an extra 2/3 on hand. So, if your portable fridge plus some other small camping appliances consume a total of say 30 amp-hours per day, you should have battery storage of 90 amp-hours capacity (like your battery does) and a solar panel of at least 80-100 watts or greater capacity to ensure you won't have problems. It is advised to go a little higher in specification than your needs, however. A popular solar panel size to charge your batteries to run camping fridges is around 100 to 160 watts… a quality 160 watt portable solar panel should give you around 60 amps per day of charging, assuming around 7 hours of decent sunlight.

    So based on the above, a 160 watt sized panel could be a good option for your sized battery - this should give you enough daily power to comfortably run a standard sized portable fridge and some other small appliances if required. Thanks.

    *Note that average power consumption data depends on things such as ambient temp, compressor speed (fridge setting), temp of contents in fridge, etc. So treat this numbers as approximation to give you a 'thereabouts' guide.

  • Q:If I used this in a campervan enclosure, how much space does it require around it? Thank you.

    Hi Clare, we would recommend a buffering around the perimeter of the fridge of at least 100mm when storing inside an enclosure. Many portable fridge manufacturer's will actually recommend up to around 200mm of buffering gap specifically around the fridge's vents for optimal performance.

    Many thanks. 

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