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Need a great value camping power pack or camping solar blanket? Look to Bainbridge Technologies, aka Baintech. With more than 25 years of DC and AC power systems expertise, Baintech is at the top of the list for reliable, world class products.


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  1. 7 Review(s)

    Baintuff 180w Foldable Solar Blanket, with Solar Regulator included, 1 year warranty

    SALE Price: $801

    RRP: $1,099 Save $298

    7 Review(s)
    Take an Extra $20 Off!
  2. 1 Review(s)

    Baintech 120w Folding Solar Blanket, 1 year warranty

    SALE Price: $549

    RRP: $699 Save $150

    Take an Extra $20 Off!
  3. Baintech 100w Slimline Flexi Solar Panel, 1 year warranty


    RRP: $488 Save $59

    Take an Extra $10 Off!
  4. Baintech 120w Folding Solar Blanket & 5m Anderson Cable, 1 year warranty


    RRP: $766 Save $117

    Take an Extra $20 Off!
  5. Baintech Powertop 135AH, 120w Blanket & 40A DC-DC Charger Camping Pack, 1 year warranty


    RRP: $2,065 Save $316

    Take an Extra $40 Off!

Baintech Power Packs, Solar Blankets and More

The Baintech power pack is right at the forefront of portable power technology. Known as the Baintech Powertop, this power pack provides instant power you need wherever you go. It’s the ultimate plug and play portable power system.

If it’s solar power you’re after, Baintech solar blankets are the perfect solution. The Baintuff 180W solar blanket is one of the most powerful solar power options on the market today, able to pump out up to 10 amps an hour on sunny days. Depending on the product, you can plug a Baintech Solar Blankets directly into a Baintech Power Pack to keep the gel battery charged.

BAINTUFF 180W folding solar blanket review


My Generator stocks a huge range of products from the Baintech range – including the popular Baintech Power Pack.