myCOOLMAN Fridge/Freezer Range

myCOOLMAN Review: How Are Their Fridges Different To The Big Brands?

myCOOLMAN are a fairly new entrant to the portable fridge market in Australia but how do their portable fridge freezers compare to the fridges from the big brands such as Dometic, Engel and Evakool? Lets find out in our myCOOLMAN review: myCOOLMAN Portable Fridge Freezer Range - myCOOLMAN Review: myCOOLMAN entered into the market in early 2019 and some of the founders of this new brand were the pioneers of the original Waeco fridge ...

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Dometic CFX-95 Portable Fridge Freezer Alternative

Thinking about buying the best-selling camping fridge model in Australia? We can’t blame you – the Dometic CFX-95 is a portable fridge freezer that has got every adventure covered. But if the ~$1500 price tag is a bit steep for your pockets, we’ve got the inside word on a CFX-95 alternative that you’ll love. Before we continue we have to mention that the CFX-95 has now been superseded by the Dometic CFX395DZ ...

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