Comparing The Best Caravan Aircons

Does your caravan feel like an oven in summer months? Wherever you travel in Australia, sweltering temperatures can make or break your trip. There’s nothing worse than dripping in sweat while you’re trying to get to sleep. Fans only blow the hot air around your van, not to mention the annoying whirring noise that keeps you awake. Caravan aircon is the answer. But not all caravan aircons are created equal. ...

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The Battle of Caravan Air Cons: Dometic Ibis 4 vs Harrier Plus

Dometic is the brand to beat when it comes to caravan air conditioners. They make reliable, high-performing and forward-thinking products, like the Ibis 4, that Australian caravan owners know they can trust. The biggest challenge you face now is deciding which model is for you. The Dometic Ibis 4 was only released in Australia in early 2019, so it hasn’t been around for long. But it builds on everything Aussies loved about ...

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