A Heated Debate: What’s the Best Caravan Heater?

So What's the Best Caravan Heater? Travelling in colder climates? You don’t want to set off only to find that your caravan heater doesn’t keep you warm when the temperature drops. That’s why you need to make sure you buy the best caravan heater on the market. The good news is there are lots of great models to choose from, with lots of innovations to make your trip more comfortable. The ...

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Caravan Diesel Heater vs Caravan Gas Heater

Baby it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should store your caravan until warmer weather. Get yourself a caravan heater and long may the adventures continue. When buying your caravan heater, there’s one important question to answer: diesel or gas? There’s no right or wrong answer. As with all caravan appliances, it depends on a few important factors, including your set-up, how you like to travel and how cold it’s going to ...

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Your Guide to Caravan Heaters

Travelling in Australia’s winter is a very different experience to summer. We might swelter in scorching temperatures during summer, but Australian temperatures are known to consistently drop below freezing during winter months. That’s why more and more caravan owners are gearing up with caravan heaters. Caravan heaters give the freedom to travel all year round. No need to chase the balmy temperatures. You can venture from the High Country to the Nullabor ...

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