Build Your Ultimate 4×4 Rig – Part 1: Power Systems

Dreaming of your very own ultimate 4x4 off-grid tourer? Have you mapped out your next camping adventure? Start designing and building your go-anywhere, do-anything ultimate 4x4 adventure tourer. Here at My Generator, we want to establish your 4x4 with the best portable power solution possible. If you have started to research 12V systems, then no doubt you’ve been confronted with a mountain of information and advice. By focusing on the ...

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Our 4WD Battery Guide: What Type, Size & Brand Should You Choose?

As any 4WD pro will tell you, the 4WD battery you choose can make or break your trip. Choosing the right type, size and brand of 4WD battery means you can run the gadgets you need, when you need them, and get the best performance over a longer lifetime for your adventures.  The challenge is, with so many 4WD batteries to choose from, how do you know which one is right for ...

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