Our Guide To 12V Battery Protection

How do you protect your battery? Batteries can be damaged by a wide range of factors - one of the biggest causes is when a battery is drained completely. This can cause the battery lifespan to be compromised or, worse, the battery to be damaged or even destroyed completely.  Draining your batteries charge is a simple error to make. Without 12V battery protection, you can easily run a fan, light or ...

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Battery Chargers for 4×4, Off-Road and Camping

How will you power your life on the road? Whether you’ve got a 4WD, camper trailer or caravan, it’s important to choose the right battery charger for your set-up. But we’re not just talking about on the road. If you select the right battery charger, you can use it at home too. Win, win! To appreciate why battery chargers are an essential item of gear, you need to first understand how ...

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