What Will My Camping Battery Run?

- There are a few basic principles behind working out your run time and power requirements of your off-grid camping set up. You’ll need to answer the following questions: How much will my appliance draw?;How big is my battery bank? and;How much charge will my solar panel or solar blanket put into my battery bank? If this all seems overwhelming, don't worry; we are here to help! Firstly, you will need to understand ...

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The Best Caravan Batteries: Lithium, Gel and AGM

The Best Caravan Batteries: Lithium, Gel and AGM As with anything caravan related, the better you can suit your battery to your application, the better performance you will achieve. But with so many caravan batteries on the market, how do you identify the one for your set up? Well we are here to help! Our caravan battery guide lays out the information you need to keep your gadgets running while you’re off the grid ...

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