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Searching for the best camping fridge freezer Australia has ever seen

When it comes to camping gear, Australians like to find the best. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about headlamps, cooking gadgets, camper trailers, GPS technology… we all want a set-up that our camping neighbours will look at with green-eyed awe.  So, when it comes to keeping your food and drinks chilled, an icebox just won’t cut it. You need the best camping fridge freezer Australia has to offer.

Here’s the catch – there’s no single fridge freezer designed to meet everybody’s camping needs. It comes down to choosing the right one for YOU.

To help, we’ve narrowed down the choices and compiled our list of top camping fridge freezers Australia wide:

Toughest and Most Durable

We’re kicking off with a crowd favourite: the Original Bushman Portable Fridge. This fridge can expand from a cool 35-litres up to a roomy 52 litres, depending on what you need. But it’s the durability that sets it apart. For two decades, Bushman customers have thrown everything at this fridge and it’s still one of the toughest camping fridge freezers Australia has ever known.

Proven to survive in Australia’s harshest conditions, this efficient unit can take a knock or two. In fact, we can wager it will last longer than most of your other camping equipment. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Camping Fridge Freezer Australia
Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L

Best Small Compact Model

When it comes to camping, space is a premium. Gone are the days of big, bulky and heavy gear. Now we’re looking for the lightest, sleekest and most compact camping equipment out there. In Australia, camping fridge freezers are no exception to this rule.

Our pick is the Dometic Waeco CFX-28. This compressor fridge freezer offers a roomy 28 litres of capacity in a smart, neat unit that will slot into practically any space. How much is 28 litres, you ask? Exactly 43 cans. Plus, it can fit upright soft drink and champagne bottles (for the occasional glamping trip).

Another super smart feature is the fixing kit, which has a fast release mechanism for easy access. Best of all, it doesn’t compromise on efficiency thanks to the high performance Waeco compressor and integrated AC electronics, which can be used with solar packs.

Best Value for Money

This was a tough one, but in the end, we opted for the best all-rounder camping fridge freezer Australia wide. That’s the Evakool TMX65 Travelmate. The fridge freezer offers 65 litres of capacity in a neat and powerful package. Not only is it reliable, thanks to Evakool’s awesome reputation – it comes packed with convenient features, like the handy end and side opening, USB ports and removable baskets.

But what really makes this unit great value for money is the inclusion of the world-renowned Danfoss compressor technology and a highly efficient roll-bond evaporator. You also get a generous 5-year warranty from Evakool. All this for an easy $800-$900.

Best For Fishing While Camping

Want to do a spot of fishing on your camping trip? You’ll need a fridge freezer to carry your bait and a big haul now and again. Our pick is the Evakool Fibreglass 47 Litre Fridge Freezer. Evakool knows how to make a camping fridge freezer Australia style. In other words, it delivers excellent cooling performance in hot conditions.

This model combines a fully insulated fibreglass design with the world leading Evakool EK25DC Compressor and digital controls. The result is a fridge freezer that can freeze in Australia’s hottest conditions, even up to 60°C below ambient. But most importantly, it won’t absorb fishy odours and tastes.

Camping Fridge Freezer Australia
Evakool Fibreglass 47 Litre Fridge Freezer, great for fishing while camping

Evakool also offer their Fibreglass Portable Fridge/Freezer range in a marinised version which has an anti corrosive treatment applied to the internal components in order to protect your investment in marine environments.

Check out the Evakool marinised range of portable fridge/freezers here.

Best for Families

When you hit the road with the family, you need a portable fridge freezer that can cope. We’re talking a fridge freezer with plenty of room, like the Dometic Waeco CFX-95.  With a massive 95 litres including 40 litres of freezer, this is the most popular camping fridge freezer Australia has seen in a while. The highlights are the dual zone, dual temperature control, and dual lid. This means you can operate two compartments independently from the other, to suit your family’s needs. Both zones can achieve -18°C at the same time, even in up to 32°C ambient temperature.

Dometic Waeco CFX 95 Litre Fridge with dual zone, dual temperature control, and dual lid

Other top features include the Wi-Fi CFX app that allows you to control the temperatures from your smartphone. Handy if you’re out exploring when the temperature starts to soar.

Our Verdict

We can’t tell you the best camping fridge freezer Australia has ever seen. But we can help you decide on the best one for your camping needs. Need more inspiration? Take a look around our website and compare the wide range of portable fridge freezers to find your perfect fit.

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  1. I have a Waeco 95l fridge/freezer and although it is great to use I have a problem with the fact that when using it as a fridge/freezer the small freezer has the compressor running for 8 minutes and then stops for 10 minutes. This seems excessive.

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