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Kipor Generator Review: How Do They Rate?

Kipor generators have been around for a while now, so we thought it was about time we put them up against the big (budget and premium) brands to see how they rank in our Kipor Generator Review:

You may have heard of Kipor; they’re global brand that make not only generators of many sizes but other construction machinery and engines. This article focuses on their portable range of inverter generators which come out of China and are distributed here by Companion Brands Australia. From our research, some of the other types of Kipor generators available in Australia are some small 3 Phase Diesel units and a few open frame conventional gensets. Read more about Kipor Generator Review.

Powerlite 8kVA Generator powered by Honda: the recommended all-round choice for trade and farm use.

But in terms of Kipor portable inverter generators you can find them at some camping & caravanning retailers as well as some power generation equipment retailers. You’ll also find that online, there are some camping and RV forums with posts referencing people asking “who are Kipor and are they any good?” Consider this article your answer. You may consult Kipor Generator Review for more information.

Generally Kipor generators are sold as the cheaper option to the big premium brands, like Honda or Yamaha generators. Like their budget-friendly mates such as Cromtech, Engel, Hyundai or many other eBay gensets, Kipor generators are made in China, where the manufacturer’s website boasts “a strong research and development team, a high energy management team and a state of the art production facility”.

Ok, so let’s put Kipor inverter generators to the test:

The Contenders

Our Kipor generator review looks at the 5 most common models in the Kipor Inverter range: 1000w, 2000w, 2600w, 3000w, and 6000w. Like equivalent inverter generators, Kipor portable inverter generators feature sine wave technology to deliver clean, stable power that are suitable for use with sensitive electronic appliances like laptops etc.

Warranty, Servicing and Repair

You get a two-year warranty with Kipor generators, as you do with some other budget options like Hyundai. Compare this to a premium brand like Yamaha or Honda, which gives you a solid 48-month warranty, and it’s easy to see where the difference is.

Powerlite 8kVA Generator powered by Honda: the recommended all-round choice for trade and farm use.

When it comes to service and repairs, you can contact the Companion Brands Warranty & Service Dept on 1300 555 197 for details on approved Kipor Service agents in Australia. Without providing the number of agents, they confirm there is a strong representation around the country – that’s pretty good; many of the cheaper Chinese made options will have only a very limited service agent presence, which can be a problem when there is a warranty or repair requirement. So Kipor gets a tick here. Another budget inverter generator brand that has national service network is Cromtech – they are backed by Crommelins Australia and have over 500 service agents. We think this is worth highlighting this for both Kipor and Cromtech, as we strongly believe a service support network for products such as generators should be an important consideration when looking to buy.

Premium vs Budget Generator


Kipor states that, because the engine is fully encased, noise levels and emissions on its inverter generators are kept to a minimum. In fact they go so far as to say that operation is “super quiet”. However, the noise level is actually between 63–72dBA for the 2600w generator. Compare that to 52 decibels for the Yamaha 2000w or 2400w inverter generators and the Cromtech Outback 2400 inverter generator.

quiet generator
Noise Level Table

Again, The Kipor 1000w generator hits up to 59 dBA compared to the super-quiet 50 decibels for the Yamaha 1000w inverter generator. It’s worth noting that a change in 10 decibels means approximately doubling the noise level difference (ambient noise level dependent).

Fuel economy

Like most other inverter generators, The “Kipor SERIES 2 digital inverter” series include a ‘Smart Throttle‘ to optimize fuel economy and improve efficiency. This feature adjusts the engine speed to match the load demand, providing stable power.

So how do they compete? Taking a select of three models in the range, it’s a mixed result all up:

The Kipor 2000w generator has a fuel tank capacity of 3.5 litres and can run for 3.5 hours at full load. But the Yamaha EF2000iS has a 4.4-litre fuel tank so you don’t have refuel as often and it runs for 45 minutes longer than the Kipor. With the Cromtech Outback 2400, you get 6 hours run time from its 5-litre fuel tank.

Cromtech Outback 2400 is a great value for money option backed by Crommelins
Cromtech Outback 2400 is a great value for money option backed by Crommelins

On the smaller scale generators, the Kipor 1000w generator has a fuel tank capacity of 2.6 litres and will run continuously for 4 hours which is around an hour longer than the Yamaha 1000w generator.

Looking at the Kipor 3000w model, it has an impressive 13 Litre fuel tank and a run time of around 6 hours at the rate output – this is very similar to the Yamaha EF3000iSE.


The Kipor generators are pretty hefty for their size. Looking at other comparable sized premium or budget options, they are generally a few kilos heavier in most of the models in the range.

Their 2000w generator weighs 23 kilograms, compared to just 20 kilograms for the Yamaha EF2000iS. The Cromtech Outback 2400 inverter generator gives you 2400 watts, yet only weighs 20 kilograms.

The Kipor 1000w is pretty lightweight at only 14 kilograms but again it’s a bit heavier than the Yamaha EF1000iS Inverter Generator at 12.7 kilograms. And trust us, every kilogram counts when you’re carrying your generator from place to place!


The Kipor generators come with a recoil starter, like their counterparts. In some of the “Kipor product reviews” comments in certain forums there were references to trouble starting them, but we tested a few of the models and found no issues.


This is where a large part of the focus should be when you’re considering a budget brand generator. And from what we can see, Kipor has some work to do. The 1000-watt model has a price tag of around $700-$800, the 2000-watt model will set you back around $1,100 and the 3000w is anywhere up to $1,800 (its worth noting here the Cromtech Outback 2400 inverter generator retails for under $1,000). So they’re more expensive than the Cromtech equivalent, and only slightly cheaper than the Yamahas, yet not offering premium features.

The bottom line?

There are some good budget brand generators from China that can serve a purpose for certain applications, and we consider Kipor to be one of them; if you aren’t going to use your generator all the time then you can save yourself some money and consider a good budget brand. They’ll do the small recreational or domestic tasks for you the handful of times a year you need them to. Alternatively, if you need to run your generator more frequently, then opt for a premium brand; they’re built to handle more regular use, have longer warranties and generally offer superior after sales service support if required. See Kipor Generator Review for more information.

But the key thing in the case of a budget brand is that it should “save yourself some money”… this is where Kipor loses points. Its inverter range stacks up against comparable budget options in terms of features and characteristics, but not on price. It’s not expected that a budget brand generator outperforms a premium brand generator; we know that a premium option will offer superior performance, which is why you want the price of a good budget option to be compelling…

We say; either pay a little bit more and opt for the premium brand, or enjoy the cost savings and choose a similar budget brand that is cheaper, such as the Cromtech:

2.4kw Cromtech Outback – Portable petrol inverter generator

Other recommended alternate brands include Briggs & Stratton, DeWalt or Hyundai  – you can check them out HERE.

Reading Kipor Generator Review can be helpful when choosing a generator. You can read more generator reviews HERE.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

Sean Connolly

Sean is the co-founder and Director of My Generator (mygenerator.com.au) with a keen in interest in the outdoors and power products.

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31 thoughts on “Kipor Generator Review: How Do They Rate?”

  1. You did not compare the Kipor 2000 watt with Yamaha or Honda in terms of noise. They are very close. And Why noise rate a 2600 watt Kipor against a 2000 and 2400 watt Yamaha. Honda and Yammie are the best brands however you can do a lot better with price if you look around and bargain. I got a 2kva for under $400 from Bunnings (display) so I guess I’m way in front.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for your comment. We do mention in the article the Kipor noise specs, being 63-72 dBA at 7 metres. At the same measure, brands like Yamaha and Honda have gensets in the same size rated at only 50-60 dBA at 7 metres. Thanks, Steve.

  2. You do mention the name kippor in noise tests but you compare 2600w kippor against 2000w and 2400w yamaha but you fail to compare 2000w against 2000w . Your review reads more like yamaha sales pitch or honda if you have lots of money, rather than a objective review and to compare and recomend unknown brands in preference to a kippor is clearly showing a preference for larger profit margins from cheaper or more expensive brands , also your fuel comparisons are written so as to ignore that kippor are quite fuel efficient but you dont say that! instead you opt to promote larger capacity from yamaha even though it uses more fuel 4.5l in 4.3 vs kippor 3.5l in 3.5 not much but clearly better. Strikes me that kippor presents value for money in reality, Australia wide service unlike cheaper chinese version’s that you recommend ,excellent price compared to more expensive name brands reasonably quiet and fuel efficient.

    1. Hi Mark, many thanks for your contribution. I have to respectfully disagree with you there on a few points; from re-reading the blog post, it seems we do compare the features of the Yamaha 2000 watt against Kipor 2000 watt generator – the kipor is slightly noisier, heavier and the fuel efficiency between the two is pretty similar, with the Yamaha getting just above an hour per litre at rated output; again slightly better than the Kipor. In terms of selling margins, it’s actually the other way around; the margin for retailers on the premium brands (such as Yamaha) are tighter than the cheaper brands – but we would sell more volume of the premium brands as they are suited to a wider range of applications. The cheaper (budget) generator brands are really suited to occasional use only.
      Overall, we stand by our view that the Kipor range is a good budget generator range. Our only reservation is the price; you need to pay closer to premium prices, hence comparing them to both other premium options and budget options – in the case of the Kipor 2000 watt generator, its around $1,100…other comparable budget generator brands are significantly cheaper (noting that there are some cheaper brands we’d avoid all together, but some cheaper brands that serve the purpose of infrequent use quite well and represent better ‘value for money’ in our opinion). Thanks again, Steve.

  3. Diesel engines are commonly used as mechanical engines, power generators and in mobile drives. They find wide spread
    use in locomotives, construction equipment, automobiles, and countless industrial applications. Their realm extends
    to almost all industries and can be observed on a daily basis if you were to look under the hood of everything you pass by.

  4. Minor technical correction to this and some of your other reviews – an increase of ten decibels represents a doubling of the noise level, not a tenfold increase.

  5. My kipor 3500 has run for many years and run many times for eight hours straight in our rural situation.
    Many blackouts occurred when we bought this unit. It runs two freezers and two refrigerators in two houses and I can occasionally throw in a microwave cooker and she handles it well.

    Fluorescent lights never flicker, computers never hiccup and the little unit always starts easily.
    Furhermore, the Inverter Kipor idles on no load and RPM only increases as load increases.
    A perfect product at a respectable price.
    The unit will run all day covering our two homes on less than one tank of fuel.

  6. Bought a Kipor 1000V and used it weekly for 1-2 days running 2 bulbs and a TV . It fried itself in about 6 months. Had it replaced under warranty and the second one also broke down in 6 months but was told was out of warranty. So my experience isnt good. Bought a Honda – very happy. Later found out the Kipor warranty is for 12 months on one machine so could have got another, and another etc but was bluffed out of a replacement by the factory.

    1. Hi William,
      Did you take it to Department of Fair Trading (NSW) or equivalent State Gov Department?
      A replacement of an item under warranty has the same warranty as the original item. Suppliers & Manufacturers may disagree but the Courts do not. Same for ‘Extended Warranties’.
      They can’t just keep giving you the same crap until their supposed Warranty Period runs out!!
      Fight them mate!!!

  7. The following is not correct.
    {wobbly June 22, 2016, 11:43 pm
    Minor technical correction to this and some of your other reviews – an increase of ten decibels represents a doubling of the noise level, not a tenfold increase.}
    1db=log(P1/P2) ie where P1 is 10 times P2
    I would refer you to the following http://www.animations.physics.unsw.edu.au/jw/dB.htm
    The doubling of power is 3dB. However the ear does not respond in a linear fashion. ie doubling the power does not make the sound twice as loud to the listener.
    To quote “What happens if I add two identical sounds? Do I double the intensity (increase of 3 dB)? Or do I double the pressure (increase of 6 dB)? This is a frequently asked question, and it is a little subtle, so it is here on our FAQ.”
    The lower the ambient noise level the more sensitive the ear is to variations in background noise. ‘
    So noise is not a simple issue but the lower the sound level the better.
    Enjoy the reading

  8. We own a KiporGS3000 series 2 generator, it’s developed a problem where it runs for 3sec then the overload light comes on & doesn’t generate power. Are you able to diagonose this problem, or are you available for us to phone you. We live in North Queensland Australia.. Our phone No 0740953316.

    1. Hi Gary, I would recommend you contact Companion Brands on 1300 657 022 to see if you can troubleshoot over the phone or have the unit inspected. Companion Brands are the national distributors for Kipor generators in Australia.

  9. Hi Gerry,
    Be sure you have filled engine oil up and used a good quality.
    Some times the oil sensor can cause the trouble.
    Use the best fuel available, never the “home made” ones with ethanol, which will over time make brown gum in the carburetor, especially if the generator is not used for weeks, if so a complete clean of carburetor needed.
    If air filter has been too dirty, replace and clean the filter and the spark plug.
    Also, check the tank cap ventilation is working, just remove the cap for a simple test.
    I have an ig 1000 for 16 month now, never any trouble, running 3-4 hours every day (half load) and start on first pull, great little mechanical wonder.

    1. Hi Nadeem, you should check the product manual for your particular Kipor model for any such requirements. However, for the portable generator models that we sell, there is sometimes a reference to earth grounding / earth stake which is often a legacy from older models…in practice, this type of earthing is not done for small portable generators. It can however be a requirement for larger trade/commercial generators on certain worksites/mine sites for example. Thanks

  10. I’ve owned a kipor ig3000 (boat anchor) for 3 years to charge my batteries and run my coffee pot on my 22 ft trailer no air conditioning for about 4-6 hours a day I let it warm up before using it, changed the oil on a regular basis . While still under warranty overload kept kicking out. The dealer I bought it from went out of business the local RV dealer quit selling them and now found out impossible to get parts for. I bought a 1200 watt champion from Canadian Tire for $299 that is doing the same job with no problems and will spend the rest of my life giving them the poor reviews they deserve

  11. I purchased a kipor 2600 generator 3 1/2 yrs ago and one day while in use I shut it off and couldn’t start it again. The place I purchased it from told me the cost would be $360.00 to replace a coil and igniter, and then they weren’t sure if this would take care of the problem. I wouldn’t think after 3 1/2 yrs it would go south so quickly. The place I bought it from said they would no longer service the Kipor because their was poor tech support for them from Kipor.
    Bob M

  12. Actually an increase of 3 db is a doubling of sound level the log of 1/2 is -0.3. So, if you halve the power, you reduce the power and the sound level by 3 dB. Halve it again (down to 1/4 of the original power) and you reduce the level by another 3 dB. If you keep on halving the power, you have these ratios.when making a technical correction you should be correct.

  13. I bought a Kipor 6000 on August 15, 2017, on September 15, 2017 the inverter malfunctioned and paid over $3,000. The Company in PR, Power Sport Wharehouse did not have the inverter available and they are thinking if it will be covered or not by the warranty. I think this is not the right way to make business. They are taking advantage of the necessity of people.

    1. Hi Rob, for any petrol 4 stroke engine you should use 10W-30 engine oil. In especially hotter temperatures, it is also appropriate to use the grade 10W-40 engine oil. These are available at any local service station.
      Thank you.

  14. I have a kipur 6500. Runs beautifully but unfortunately the voltage reading is too high.
    Voltage reading for 115volts is 210 and for 230volts the reading is above 300volts.
    I replaced the rectifer which solved the problem for a few minutes. The breaker triped and we are having the same readings again
    There is no longer a service department or distributer in my country (Bahamas). The company I purchased the unit from no longer sells the generator but they have some parts.
    any suggestions will be greately appreciated

    Thank you
    Leon Evans

  15. I have a small kipor generator that i use for camping.The motor is working but it is hunting.I have cleaned the carby and that did not work so i changed the carby with another kipor and still had the same problem.Does anyone have any ideas.I am in Darwin Australia and can find no-one who wants to work on these generators. Cheers John

  16. I have a genquip KGE3500Ti generator. It will not pull start without a battery and there is no spark. Is it necessary to have a charge battery for it to start?
    Also with the engine running with a battery, it will not charge the battery. I cannot find any local help.

  17. We’ve found none of our local mower/chainsaw/generator shops will touch the Kipor or any cheap Chinese generators for servicing or repairs.

  18. I purchased the 2600 and from day one I had problems! Whenever I went to use it it was either very hard to start or would not start. It only has done about 20hr and I got it out the other day and the investor board has now gone.
    I was so totally fed up with this piece of crap I threw it in the bin and went and bought a Honda…. something I should have done on day one. DO NOT waste your money buying this Chinese rubbish.

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