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Key things to consider when looking at a car fridge for sale

Looking for a car fridge for sale? Consider these options first.  

If you spend lots of time on the road, whether for work or play, there comes a time when you need to invest in something to keep food and drink chilled. But it’s not as simple as popping into your local camping store and picking up the first car fridge for sale. There are lots of different ways you can keep things cool in your car, depending on your travel style and budget.

Here are three options to weigh up:

Before you start comparing car fridges for sale, take a look at iceboxes. They’re lightweight, tough and easy to transport. Iceboxes come in a huge range of sizes, from a massive 110 litres down to a compact as 13 litres – perfect for cars. An icebox is cheaper than a car fridge for sale, with the added bonus that there are no moving parts to go wrong.

Invest in a quality icebox, such as a Waeco, and ice can last between 3 to 10 days depending on usage, contents and the outdoor temperature. But…ice will melt, so it’s not the best solution for longer trips.

Car Fridge For Sale
The Dometic Waeco 41L Cool-Ice Icebox can keep ice for up to 10 days.

Thermoelectric Coolers / Warmers

In the world of car fridges for sale, think of a thermoelectric cooler as the middle ground. They’re more than an icebox but less than a fully-fledged fridge. Small, lightweight and cheaper than a fridge (starting from as little as $99), these units will cool to around 20 degrees below ambient temperature, or up to around 60 degrees above.

But, it’s worth noting that thermoelectric coolers don’t have the capabilities of a fridge – they can’t get down to the same temperatures and cannot freeze items. That said, they’re a popular option if you’re spending lots of time in your car and are looking for a way to keep your drinks cool and your lunch warm.

Car Fridge For Sale
For added convenience and portability the cooler can be powered by an AC or DC power source.

Portable Compressor Driven Fridges

If you’re planning on heading away for more than a couple of days, and there’s no ice machine nearby, a portable fridge is one of the best pieces of kit you can have. When you’re looking at car fridges for sale, you’ll notice they’re more expensive than the other options. But that’s because you are getting the same technology as your fridge at home, in your car.

A compressor driven portable fridge runs from a battery source – either your car battery or an extra vehicle battery. Take a look at the accessories that go with the fridge, such as fridge slides, tie-down kits, and covers.

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