Evakool Review: The Australian Brand Taking on the Global Giants

If you’re looking for a portable fridge, Evakool is batting in the big leagues. If you’ve never heard of the brand or aren’t sure how they measure up, our Evakool review reveals how this Australian business is taking on the big brands to become one of the top portable fridge companies.

Who is Evakool?

Evakool is born and bred right here in Australia. In fact, the family-owned Aussie business has been making fridges for more than 30 years. That means when you buy a fridge today, you’re getting over 30 years of experience packed into a fridge that is designed to last. 

And when we say they’re designed to last, we’re talking about lasting in the toughest climates and conditions Australia can hurl at us. Remember, Evakool is an Australian brand – they really know how to design fridges for Australian adventures.

In fact, Evakool is Australia’s leading brand of fibreglass iceboxes AND Australia’s largest manufacturer of 12-volt fridge freezers. There are over 40 fridges in its range, which includes models made out of different materials, such as polyethylene, fibreglass and metal.

How Evakool is Taking on Global Brands

There are lots of camping fridges on the market, so you might think it’s tough to stand out amongst global brands. But Evakool is taking them on with gusto. 

Case in point is their dual zone fridge freezer that is taking on the most popular camping fridge on the market – the Dometic CFX95

Camping Fridge Freezers: The Best Dual Zone Models

Launched in late 2018, the Evakool TMDZ-96 is a brilliant alternative to the Dometic CFX-95.

It has everything you could want in a Dual Zone model including detachable dual lids. This fridge has the ability to operate as a fridge fridge, a fridge freezer or a freezer freezer.

It also boasts the universally renowned Secop / Danfoss compressor. FYI – this compressor is in almost all Evakool fridges not to mention other popular fridge freezers from the likes of Bushmanand Camec

Speaking of compressors, Evakool has also created an upright caravan fridge range that features two compressors. The two larger Evakool Elite models boast all the benefits of two compressors. One compressor works on keeping the fridge cool, while the other works on keeping the freezer cool. So, your fridge can maintain the cool temperature and operate more efficiently in the hotter climates – perfect for Australian trips. 

Evakool Elite Upright Caravan Fridge/Freezers

On another note, Evakool is also the only brand to create a portable fridge freezer range that are marinised. What does that mean for you?

It means these models are easy to clean, won’t rust in marine environments and doesn’t absorb fishy odours – a massive plus if you’re carrying a big haul!

Evakool Review

It’s no wonder we included it in our list of the best camping fridge freezers Australia has ever seen!

There’s something else that Evakool does that makes it stand out amongst the rest – they throw in a lot of bonuses. We’re talking about iceboxes, covers, adapters – all of those things that make a real difference to your fridge experience.

This adds to the overall value for money. And Evakool products are generally already cheaper than competitors.

For example, a 38L fridge freezer by Evakool is about $850 which includes a cover and icebox. Other brands can come in at around $1,000 for just the fridge.

Okay now one last thing, lets say you are wanting to travel off-grid and want to keep your camping fridge charged – well Evakool have you covered thanks to their portable solar panels. Offered in two sizes, the 160W and 240W foldable panels are not only good quality but they go for a bargain! Both models are extremely affordable at under $380 and are the perfect addition to any camping setup!

Evakool Solar Panels

What Do Our Customer’s Say?
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Let’s Recap Our Evakool Review
Why Choose Evakool?
  • Value for money!
  • Evakool fridges feature the world-renowned Danfoss compressor
  • Most camping fridges come with a 5-year warranty
  • Massive range of camping fridges 
  • Offer single zone, dual zone and combi model camping fridges
  • Offer marinised fibreglass fridge models for fishing / boating

Why Choose Another Brand?

Evakool isn’t for everyone. As with all camping brands, there are some drawbacks to consider when weighing up your choices. 

First, Evakool technology isn’t as advanced as competitors such as Dometic…

Also, its reputation isn’t as well established as competitors such as Dometic and Engel. (But that’s quickly changing thanks to recent product launches).

Lastly, some of Evakool’s products don’t feature as many bells and whistles as other brands, namely Dometic.

Our Evakool Review Verdict

We hope you can see from our Evakool review that this Aussie brand is definitely worth your consideration. Even though they aren’t as well known as Dometic and Engel, their high-quality fridges at a good price more than make up for it. Now all you need to do is narrow down your choices to find the best camping fridge for your needs!

Need helping choosing an Evakool product? Give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!

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