Honda Water Pumps

Pick of the Best Honda Water Pumps

Looking for a water pump? Whether it’s for water transfer, fire-fighting, cleaning farm machinery or pumping dirty water, Honda water pumps have got the job covered. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda knows how to build water pumps that offer an uncompromising level of performance. They tick all the boxes – easy starting, quiet performance and highly durable. And as an added bonus, all Honda water pumps are backed ...

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Dirty Water Pumps

What to Look For in a Dirty Water Pump

When moving water containing debris, mud and sand, choosing the right dirty water pump is critical. Here, we explain how to get it right. A water pump is perfect if you need to pump just water. But when you mix in debris, mud, sand and other solids, you risk clogging up and damaging your water pump beyond repair. Enter the dirty water pump. Also known as a trash pump, a dirty water ...

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centrifugal pump

The Difference Between Diaphragm & Centrifugal Pumps?

- Not sure whether to choose a centrifugal or diaphragm pump? Know the difference between centrifugal pumps and diaphragm pumps before you buy. When you want to move liquid from one place to another, a portable water pump is a great piece of equipment for the job. But not all pumps are created equal. Some can transfer thicker liquids that contain solids… while some can’t. So it’s important to know how the different types ...

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water transfer pump

How To Choose A Water Transfer Pump

Want to move water out of your property or around your yard…and fast? Follow our easy steps to choosing the right water transfer pump. As their name suggests, water transfer pumps “transfer” water from one place to another. This might be moving water from a dam to a tank, out of your basement, or from one part of the construction site / yard to another. Water Transfer Pumps; a great way ...

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A Buyers Guide to Fire Fighting Pumps

Get the lowdown on how to choose fire fighting pumps you can rely on when it counts: Preparing your home for fire season?  Fire fighting pumps are a must if you choose to stay and defend your home against a fire. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5JtJ1SJJsY Are you fire ready? Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump in Action - But don’t be fooled by their name – fire fighting pumps aren’t just for fighting fires. They can also be used ...

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trash pump for sale

How to choose a trash pump for sale

Need to remove water with debris, mud and sand? Here’s our quick guide to choosing the right trash pump for sale. Most general water pumps are designed to pump clear water, so when debris and other solids are added into the mix, things can quickly go wrong. The answer is a trash pump. Trash pumps can move water that contains solids (twigs, leaves, pebbles) and other elements like sand, sludge and muck. ...

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Water Pumps

Buyer’s Guide to Water Pumps

Need to buy a water pump? Check out our buyer’s guide to Water Pumps first. Water pumps, transfer pumps, trash pumps, fire-fighting pumps…the world of water pumps isn’t as easy it might first appear. So why are there so many water pumps to choose from? The fact is there are many different situations in which you might need to pump water, and each one comes with various challenges. Whether you’re draining a ...

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