Our 4WD Battery Guide: What Type, Size & Brand Should You Choose?

As any 4WD pro will tell you, the 4WD battery you choose can make or break your trip. Choosing the right type, size and brand of 4WD battery means you can run the gadgets you need, when you need them, and get the best performance over a longer lifetime for your adventures.  The challenge is, with so many 4WD batteries to choose from, how do you know which one is right for ...

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Our Guide To The Rally Air Dometic Inflatable Awnings

If you’re thinking about adding extra living space to your vehicle, Dometic inflatable awnings have it covered - literally! Perfect for weekend getaways and longer trips, a Dometic inflatable awning is designed for all those times where all you need is a little bit of extra space to relax and enjoy dinner and drinks, and even just spread out a bit with a roof over your head.  First, some basics: the Dometic inflatable awnings are known ...

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Our Guide To Choosing The Best Caravan Water Filter

When you’re heading off grid, you need to know you’ll have access to clean and drinkable water. That’s why a caravan water filter is a must-have. A caravan water filter is designed to remove or deactivate waterborne bacteria and viruses from the water. For a long time, caravanners haven’t had many choices when it comes to water filters - but all that is changing and now there are lots of options that ...

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Caravan Windows

Our Guide To Purchasing Replacement Caravan Windows

Are you upgrading all your caravan windows? Replacing a broken window? It’s something you only want to do once. Get it wrong and it can be an expensive mistake! That’s why we’ve created this guide to help answer your questions and make sure you buy the right replacement caravan windows first time. Ready?  Let’s go... - How To Measure The Cutout For Your Replacement Caravan Window: Start by measuring the cut-out for your replacement caravan window.  Remember - you ...

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Caravan Underbunk Air Conditioner Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Caravan Underbunk Air Conditioner? Most caravan air conditioners are mounted on your rooftop and blow air directly through a roof mounted distribution box into the centre of your van. A caravan underbunk air conditioner is mounted inside of the van and vented through the floor for air exchange. The cold air outlets are connected to ducting and distributed around the van.    - Who Should Buy An Underbunk Air Conditioner? Underbunk ...

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Make A Coffee In Your 4x4 Canopy With The Enerdrive Ultimate Off-Grid 4x4 Bundle & Epower Inverter

The Best Way To Brew A Camping Coffee In Your Caravan or 4×4 Canopy

Coffee tastes great before work and amazing when you're camping. There’s nothing quite like crawling out of the tent, breathing some life on glowing embers and boiling up the billy for a camping coffee. You crack the surface crust on an old blend 43 and mix up a bitter brew. The most hard-core camper will tell you there is nothing better. Well, we say there’s a better way and this blog will show you how. Through ...

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Enerdrive Lithium Batteries

Connecting Lithium Batteries In Parallel

Sometimes running with one battery isn’t enough. Maybe you need to boost your battery bank capacity? Or increase the run time of appliances when off grid. Good news! There are ways to connect lithium batteries in parallel to double capacity while keeping the voltage the same. This means two 12V 120Ah batteries wired in parallel will give you only 12V. But increases capacity to 240Ah. Connecting your lithium batteries in parallel requires some ...

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How To Properly Store an Inverter Generator

How To Properly Store an Inverter Generator We aren't all lucky enough to be on the road all year round. So, what do you do with your generator when you’re at home? Storing a generator the right way is important if you want to be confident it will get up and running easily when you next come to use it. Better still, storing a generator correctly means you’ll get more life ...

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The Comprehensive Guide To Enerdrive DC To DC Charger Wiring Diagrams

Our Comprehensive Guide To Enerdrive DC To DC Charger Wiring: Setting up a dual battery system in your 4WD, caravan or camper trailer doesn’t just end with purchasing a charger and batteries. Your system needs to be wired in the safest way that will provide the greatest performance and longevity. As with any electrical installation, you should always consult the owner’s manual for correct installation. Enerdrive provides detailed DC to DC ...

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Are Flexible Solar Panels Better Than Fixed Panels for Your Caravan?

Looking at solar panels for your caravan? There’s a huge variety out there to choose from. Fellow travellers will likely chew your ear off around the campfire telling you which one is best! In our opinion, one of the biggest decisions you will make these days is between flexible solar panels and fixed panels. So, what’s the difference between the two? Flexible solar panels are a new style of panel ...

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