portable generator

Five reasons you should own a Portable Generator

 It’s hard to imagine life without electricity. These days, you have constant access to power to keep life running smoothly. Long gone are the days of trying to squeeze every last drop of juice from your mobile – cafes, trains, and even planes allow you to stay connected, providing a continuous river of power. But what if you venture further afield? Suddenly you need an alternative way of powering your ...

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Top Tips For Generator Safety

Generators are powerful beasts. That’s why it’s important that you take the right steps to ensure the safe operation of your Generator and avoid any potentially dangerous situations. The experts at My Generator have put together our top tips for using a generator safely: 1.       Always read the instructions As simple as it sounds, reading the instructions is one of the most important steps to generator safety. Every Generator model is different, so ...

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Everything You Want To Know About A Diesel Generator

The loud rumbling of a diesel engine is a thing of the past. In fact, Diesel Generators are one of the most cost-effective, efficient and quiet units you can buy. That’s right – quiet. Here, we reveal how diesel Generators are raising the bar on power: The Technical Bit How exactly does a Diesel Generator work? It all comes down to the type of ignition. Petrol engines operate on spark ignition while ...

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inverter generators

Buyers Guide to Inverter Generators

Whether you’re on the road towing a caravan or at home in the shed, these days we rely on an array of electronic gadgets and smart devices to live our lives. These types of sensitive electronics require a cleaner, more stable energy source than a Traditional Generator can provide. Safety is the key, as you don’t want to damage your electronic equipment or your inverter generators. It’s no wonder that today ...

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What size Generator

What Size Portable Generator Do I Need?

What size Generator : The most important decision you make when Choosing a Generator is making sure the genset can handle all your power requirements. If your Portable Generator doesn't provide enough electrical output to power up your appliances, this can damage not only your appliances, but the generator as well. Choosing the right generator can seem confusing to the untrained eye. Do I need Single Phase, Three Phase, AVR or ...

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Diesel Generators in Developing Countries

The Big Picture – Energy Needs Worldwide The benefits of reliable electricity seem obvious, yet to many in the western world the benefits are often taken for granted. Today there are more than 2 billion people in the world who live without electricity. This means one in three people on the planet do not have access to electricity or an Alternative Energy Source. Best estimates indicate that 56% of the world’s ...

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Choosing the Right Portable Generator For Your Camper Trailer

In order to camp remotely, taking in the best of the great outdoors, you need to be able to power your lights, fridge and other essential equipment. This involves being able to generate your own power supply. There are several options available to campers, including a solar set up and portable generator, with each involving the use of batteries to store power. Here, we look at the convenience of a portable generator. Portable ...

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