My Generator Recommends: Top Home Backup Generators

BEST HOME BACKUP GENERATOR MODELS After tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes hit, the resulting power cuts can cause disruption for days or weeks afterwards. Keeping food cold, living by torchlight and trying to keep mobiles, laptops and radios powered up becomes a daily challenge. Australians are no strangers to natural disasters – which is why many people are doing the smart thing and buying a home backup generator. While it obviously won’t ...

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Accessorise your Generator with an Automatic Mains Failure Panel

Anyone who has used a auto-start generator during a power outage will have come across an Automatic Mains Failure Panel, or AMF panel. Sometimes also referred to as a switch, if you haven’t heard of one, this is one device you should get to know... Especially if you live in an area that regularly suffers from blackouts. It might seem like a simple device, but an AMF delivers a major advantage for ...

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solar backup generator

Auto Start Generators For Solar Backup Power

Accessorize your generator with…. Two Wire Auto Start Control for off-grid solar backup generator.  Solar power is a great idea when the sun’s shining. You can use your appliances safe in the knowledge that your solar panels are collecting power from the sun and converting it into electricity. But what happens when the weather turns for weeks on end and the battery charge runs out? If you're off the grid, it’s only ...

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Generators for home use

Generators for home use: the new must have item

Sales of portable generators are surging throughout Australia, the United States and the UK as families prepare for more bad weather. Learn more about Generators for home use. Fearing long power outages, plus a refrigerator full of spoiled food, more and more storm-weary families are purchasing power generators that will produce enough electricity to run many of their essential appliances. Generators have long been a back-up for homeowners in rural parts of Australia. ...

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power generators

The key to surviving life off-the-grid: Power Generators

Have you ever considered what it would be like to live off-grid? Simply using power from alternative energy sources such as solar, wind or hydro? Imagine the sheer joy when the post arrives, knowing it won’t be a seriously over-inflated electricity bill. This is the reality for many people. Maybe their home is simply too far out to be connected to the grid, or maybe it’s a personal choice for greener ...

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Get the lowdown on Solar Power Generators

Clean, quiet, portable power: it’s the Holy Grail for anyone using generators. Which is why it’s no surprise that many people are looking to solar power generators as a smart, silent, safe, and clean alternative for their power needs. But is it all as wonderful as it seems? Here we give you the lowdown on solar power generators: How do Solar Power Generators work? Solar generators use renewable energy. No fuel means no ...

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Best Generator Brands

Thinking of buying a new generator? Maybe you’re finally going on that caravan trip you’ve been planning for the past 12 months. Perhaps you’re investing in a new generator as back-up to your solar system. Or maybe this is the year you’re finally getting your home extension built and you need a generator to see you through. Whatever the reason, before you purchase a new generator, it pays to know the ...

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