Best Portable Fridge Freezer Brands

Wherever you’re exploring this summer, you need to know there’s a portable fridge freezer keeping your food and bevvies cool for the whole trip. If you’re planning to buy a portable fridge freezer, we’ve got the inside word on the best portable fridge freezer brands around.

Portable Fridge Freezer: DOMETIC

Dometic knows how to build portable fridge freezer that tick all the boxes. You need a built-in USB charging point? Tick. Need drop down handles for more space in your vehicle? Tick. Ability to remote monitor? Tick.

Dometic has some of the most advanced technology, best performing, and best range of portable fridge freezers on the market. And we shouldn’t expect anything less from a brand that’s been in the portable fridge freezer game for decades.

They also use their own compressor now, whilst many other brands will use a universal compressor, Dometic have a purpose built compressor designed with the Australian environment in mind…its unique VMSO3 “Variable Motor Speed Optimization” technology helps the CFX3 range operate efficiently, even in extreme conditions.

The Dometic compressor is hard to beat and the company’s electronics mean you benefit from a soft start and turbo cooler in one unit.

Dometic CFX395DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer, 94 Litre

With a CFX3, you know you are getting the latest and greatest – they are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve: for example, these models have WiFi enabled capability so you can monitor and control your fridge from your smart phone!

This range includes models from 25 to 94 litres, with the most popular model being the Dometic CFX3 95DZ Portable Dual Zone Fridge & Freezer 94 Litre; it boasts dual zones, dual temperature control, and dual lids. This model, along with the slightly smaller CFX375DZ Dual Zone model, has quickly become popular with families.


Dometic portable fridges are the all-rounders; they’ll satisfy just about every portable refrigeration requirement there is: camping, RV’ing, boating, picnics, small events, work vehicles, small business and more. They have excellent warranty and national spare parts / servicing support and a full range of accessories to help secure your Waeco portable fridge freezer in your vehicle.  Any downsides?: not many…there are cheaper brands, and if your requirement is more niche, then there are brands (read below) that offer certain portable fridge models with features to satisfy specific applications…as we said,  these Dometic units are the ‘all-rounders’.

Portable Fridge Freezer: ENGEL

Engel has been making portable fridge freezers since dinosaurs were taking road trips. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but they have been around since the sixties. Engel is a hugely popular brand for the Aussie bush because, to be frank, they never die. Built tough, the portable fridge freezers are ideal for heavy-duty outdoor adventures – fishing, 4WD touring, caravanning…you name it.

Engel’s most famous fridge models have a rugged steel construction and all units incorporate their famous Sawafuji Swing Motor (which only has one moving part, hence their longevity!). The MT-V series also feature lockable latches, auto interior lights and come with a 5 year warranty!


Engel have been tried and tested for decades. Farmers and bush folk swear by them and in particular, their durability. Their most popular range have metal cabinets, which some customers prefer if they intend to keep the fridge in the back of a ute / work truck where its likely to cop a few knocks…however the metal material makes the unit heavier. Also backed by a national service agent and spare parts network. Being at the premium end of the market, you’ll pay good money for the brand. 

Dometic Waeco Fridges vs Engel Fridges

Portable Fridge Freezer: BUSHMAN

Bushman are a 100% Australian owned family business and have been since 1982. These guys produce a similar portable fridge to the popular Engel metal cabinet models;  they are built seriously tough and you’re investing in something that will serve you for the long, long haul. Whilst they have a 3-way absorption portable model that is great for running on gas, Bushman are most notable for their Original Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L:  it has the versatility to run a smaller fridge at 35 litres for your shorter trips, 45 litres for in-between and 52 litres for the longer tips away. Again, tough is the focus with this brand,  German designed Secop Danfoss compressor, Powder coated steel cabinet, Heavy duty anchor points, Steel slip hinges, Adjustable latches, 20mm rubber feet.

Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L
Bushman Portable Expandable Fridge 35L-52L


This family owned business puts a lot of TLC into their product and you are getting a fridge that you know will last you for years and years to come. If you prefer a metal cabinet style fridge (as opposed to the polyethylene/hard plastic style), then you can’t really go wrong with a Bushman or an Engel…the deciding factor might be how energy efficient on a 12V power source your required model size is: the Bushman 35-50L expandable model has an impressive power consumption of 0.67amp hours/hr. Best to compare each of the specs for the model sizes that suit you. Like the brands above (and all of the portable fridge brands we stock), Bushman is backed by a national service agent and spare parts support network – much like the TLC that Bushman put into making the fridge, they also provide exceptional after sales support should you need it. You’ll also pay good money for this type of quality.  

Portable Fridge Freezer: Evakool

Evakool have been around since the early 90’s and boy their range has grown! Whilst most other portable fridge freezer brands might have a handful of different models, Evakool has over 20 different portable fridge models, and counting! Their range includes polyurethane, fiberglass, and metal cabinet models.

Evakool have made the recent shift to return much of their manufacturing process to Australian shores. The upgraded Infinity Fibreglass models and Down Under Series are now assembled, commissioned and tested in Australia!

Evakool have released three models in their The Down Under Series:

The design and construction of these models has produced a camping fridge that rivals the quality of an Engel or Dometic fridge. Some stand out features include:

  • Genuine Secop compressor
  • Plug and play Andersen connection
  • Premium insulated optional cover
  • Roll bond Evaporator – premium quality and highly efficient

Looking at their Fiberglass range, these are the premium offering from Evakool and their fiberglass material mean they have exceptional insulation and will always perform very well, even in extremely hot environments. No need for an external fridge cover. They will reach desired low temperatures quicker than plastic cabinet fridges. The fiberglass material also makes them easy to clean and they will not absorb any smells – they are consequently popular for fishing requirements, among many other uses.

These fridges come with a 5 year warranty and are very popular for camping, caravan/camper trailer trips, 4WD’ing and boating. You will pay slightly more for these models, but the benefits are very compelling.

EvaKool Infinity Fibreglass Fridge Freezer Series

Their other ranges include strongly built polyethylene material fridges such as the Travelmate TMDZ Range (similar to the Dometic CFX3 models) and the newly released Glacier XTREME which is a crowd favourite.

What we like about these aforementioned ranges is that they are still very high quality portable fridges, but are priced lower than most of the other premium fridge offerings.

Evakool TMX Travelmate 65 Litre Fridge Freezer Pack Product Review

Evakool is a great value for money option. They may not have the same global brand recognition as say Dometic or Engel, but they make solid portable fridges for the Australian environment, and their range covers all sizes and applications. If you’re willing to pay a bit extra, then their Fiberglass and Down Under range performs exceptionally well in heat: these models will get to desired temperature quickly and will keep your drinks cold and food fresh on the extra hot days without issue. As for the other Evakool ranges, these are just as compelling, but more so form a price point of view. Check the Travelmate ranges against other brands with comparable ranges and the Evakool offerings will stack up pretty well. Like the other ranges, Evakool have a national service agent and spare parts network.

Other Brands?

There are plenty of other portable fridge freezer brands on the market for your next camping trip. Other quality brands on offer include; National Luna, Dobinsons, Ironman, ARB and many others. One thing quite a few of these brands have in common is that they all use a Danfoss (now Secop) Compressor. The Secop compressor was once used by Waeco (and still are in their older Waeco CF Fridge range), but Dometic Waeco now use their own Waeco Compressor for the leading CFX3 range, which is ‘variable speed’ and is designed with the Australian conditions in mind. The Secop compressor is considered the universal/common portable fridge compressor. Bushman and some of the Evakool models also use a Danfoss (Secop) compressor.

Which Do You Choose?

We think that Dometic, Engel, Bushman, and Evakool are the premium brands for portable fridges. With a portable fridge from any of these brands, you are going to get a great product that will enhance your travelling experience. Among other things, they offer:

  • Battery protection
  • 12/24volt and /240volt operation capability
  • Comprehensive warranties with national service support
  • Premium grade compressors designed with the Australian environment in mind
  • Digital control and display
  • Impressively efficient power consumption

As we have said, you really can’t go wrong with any of them…however a couple of differences to help you make your decision:


The Engel Platinum series and the Bushman fridges have a steel cabinet and steel handles…some people prefer the steel exterior (particularly farmers) as opposed to the plastic (polyethylene) material used by brands such as Dometic and Evakool (for some models).

However, the steel material typically makes the fridge slightly heavier when comparing models on a like for like size basis. The plastic fridges are also very tough these days and can handle some knocks too, so it depends how important the metal cabinet is to you.

In terms of volume of sales, we would sell more of the plastic material style fridge than the metal. Don’t forget the fiberglass models from Evakool, whilst these might not be as sturdy on the outside to handle especially heavy knocks, the fiberglass insulation promotes excellent cooling in hotter temperatures.


If the small things matter to you, then look for things such as; USB charging outlets, drop down handles, drainage plugs, ability to remote monitor, compatible accessories, etc.


If you’re still in two mind between brands, then perhaps look at the pricing and see which model is cheaper in the size you need.

What should you NOT choose?:

Whatever you decide, be sure to opt for a portable fridge brand that has national service agent and spare parts support. Don’t go for a cheap no-name brand (often found on the likes of places such as eBay) that do not have a service agent backing. You run the risk of throwing your money away with a cheap brand as you are unlikely to get any warranty or after service support if something goes wrong with your product…which can often happen with a cheaper brand.

FINAL WORD: another premium brand has since entered the market by the name of MyCoolman. Some of the founders of this new brand were the pioneers of the original Waeco fridge (now Dometic) many, many years ago. They have some points of difference which we have looked at in this MyCoolman Review article HERE

Ready to browse for a quality portable fridge freezer for your next Adventure? Check out our range online HERE.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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  2. Bought the Evakool TMX Travelmate 80L and love it a mate has the Waeco CFX50 and he kept trying to say the Waeco was better like I have USB port yep so does mine, I have fold down handles yep so does mine etc so i asked him can you open your lid from both sides? No I can how long is your warranty? 3 Years oh mine is 5 years. Bought it from you guys and love it

  3. Hi. I can’t decide between the evakool fiberglass model and the original bushmans 35 to 52l (evskool comparison size). It will live in our trades trailer when camping. Family of 4. Would one be better then the other given it will be stored when use in a lockable trades trailer (so possibly hot). Will allow for ventilation room. Thanks

    1. Hi Vicki,

      Evakool fibreglass models do have good insulation properties and are very efficient when it comes to power draw. The only downside is the fibreglass exterior can easily damage when compared to the bushman. The Bushman is the toughest and most efficient of all the portable fridges. I can’t speak highly enough of the performance of the Bushman range.

      As any portable fridge requires good ventilation around the compressor this shouldn’t be your deciding factor between these two models.

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