Honda Water Pumps

Pick of the Best Honda Water Pumps

Looking for a water pump? Whether it’s for water transfer, fire-fighting, cleaning farm machinery or pumping dirty water, Honda water pumps have got the job covered. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda knows how to build water pumps that offer an uncompromising level of performance. They tick all the boxes – easy starting, quiet performance and highly durable. And as an added bonus, all Honda water pumps are backed ...

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Dirty Water Pumps

What to Look For in a Dirty Water Pump

When moving water containing debris, mud and sand, choosing the right dirty water pump is critical. Here, we explain how to get it right. A water pump is perfect if you need to pump just water. But when you mix in debris, mud, sand and other solids, you risk clogging up and damaging your water pump beyond repair. Enter the dirty water pump. Also known as a trash pump, a dirty water ...

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PTO Generator

Your Guide to Tractor PTO Generator Units

Need a generator? Got a tractor? Meet the PTO generator unit. PTO Generator, (Power Take Off) also known as Tractor Generators, are designed for mobile or standby electrical power and are ideal for any farmer as they are powered from the PTO of a tractor. No need for an inbuilt generator engine. Here’s what you need to know: What is a PTO generator? Generators comprise an engine and an alternator. But if you ...

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Tried & Tested: Best Electric Start Generator Models

You want one thing from your generator – for it to start every time you push the button. That’s the case whether you’re on the road, on the work-site, caravanning in the outback, or at home in a blackout. An electric start generator is designed to start without any fuss. But with so many electric start generators on the market, how do you know which to choose? Our experts have done the ...

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