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Ammann Warranty

Extended Warranty Program 6000/60:

If your compaction machine’s warranty is about to expire we offer our extended warranty 6000 /60 to ensure your peace of mind. You can purchase our extended warranty 6000 /60 from as little as 2% of the net value of your machine per year.

Why Extend Your Existing Warranty?

Our warranty cover is great value, and we make sure all warranty costs including working hours as well as our genuine Ammann parts are completely paid.

Further Great Advantages:

With the extended warranty 6000 /60 our Ammann ServiceLink will be free of charge during the entire warranty period.

Exclusions for Extended Warranty:

  • Main power unit – To local representative  
  • Wearing parts – Rubber pads, belts, scrapers, windscreen wipers, filters, lubricants, batteries, conveyor parts, chains, soleplates, tamper bars, auger elements, bearings, fuels and tyres (list is not compete) 
  • Replacements equipment, transport and towing costs 
  • Shipping costs and customs 
  • Mileage and traveling hours 
  • Ammann is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages 
  • Ammann is not responsible for failures or damage resulting from what Ammann determines to be abuse or neglect
  • Painting
  • Ammann is not responsible for damages caused by external impact 
  • Ammann is not responsible for failures caused by incorrect oil, fuel or diesel exhaust fluid or by water, dirt or other contaminants in the fuel, oil or diesel exhaust fluid 
  • The extended warranty program does not apply to engine parts supplied by the engine manufacturer, which bear the name of another company, e.g. alternators, starters, fans, airconditioning compressors, clutches, filters, transmissions, torque converters, steering pumps, fan drives, engine compression brakes and air compressors (the list is not complete)

For more details relating to Ammann's extended warranty program 6000/60  CLICK HERE


Ammann PLUS Service - 3 Years Full Warranty:

A full 3-year manufacturer’s level guarantee provides optimum all-round protection against unexpected repair costs. Guarantee extension is only available to those who use original Ammann spare parts.

Applicable only if you abide by the maintenance intervals using original Ammann maintenance kits in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions provided by Ammann Service.

Guarantee Extension:

This guarantee extension applies to new machines only (the APF, APR, APH and ARW series). It runs from the date that you purchased the machine. Apart from this the same Amman standard guarantee conditions and terms apply. Excluded are the consumable and maintenance parts and operating materials as well as any damage caused by vandalism or incorrect use.

For details relating to Ammann's extended warranty CLICK HERE