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Generators For Sale - Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide the capital city of South Australia is often refered to as the city of churches. It is a beautiful city surrounded by sandy beaches and famous wineries. Adelaide is also well known for it's art and cultural festivals.

Whether you live in the city or in surrounding rural locations there are many benefits to owning a portable generator. If you’re looking for the cheapest prices on portable generators in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place… At mygenerator.com.au you’ll find the best prices on high quality Honda generators Adelaide available for immediate delivery to your door.

We have generators for every application. Be they; Recreational (camping, caravanning, motor home), Tradesman (construction sites, welding, factory and plant maintenance), Domestic (emergency home back up power) or Industrial/Stationary (large commercial and mining applications).

At My Generator we have generators to suit every budget. Our generator range can be delivered to your home/business address or we can arrange to send your order to one of over 105 conveniently located depots Australia wide - see our list below of conveniently located depot pickup options around Adelaide. We also offer FREE delivery on many of our products. 


Generators Adelaide Best Sellers

  • Yamaha EF1000iSwith bonus pack

    RRP: $1,430.00

    SALE Price: $1,249.00

    Yamaha EF1000iS, 1000w Inverter Generator with Bonus Pack, 4 year warranty

  • EF2000iS with bonus pack

    RRP: $2,099.00

    SALE Price: $1,799.00

    Yamaha EF2000iS, 2000w Inverter Generator with Bonus Pack, 4 year warranty

  • Pramac 5kVA Petrol AVR Generator

    RRP: $2,499.00

    SALE Price: $1,749.00

    Pramac 5kVA Petrol AVR Generator, powered by Honda, 1 year warranty

    Sold Out
  • Yamaha EF2400iS with bonus pack

    RRP: $2,399.00

    SALE Price: $2,049.00

    Yamaha EF2400iS, 2400w Inverter Generator with Bonus Pack, 4 year warranty

  • Yamaha EF2800I with bonus pack

    RRP: $2,199.00

    SALE Prices: $2,049.00

    Yamaha EF2800i, 2800w Inverter Generator with Bonus Pack, 4 year warranty

  • Yamaha EF6300ISE Inverter Generator

    RRP: $6,899.00

    SALE Price: $5,599.00

    Yamaha EF6300iSE, 6300w Inverter Generator, 4 year warranty

  • Yamaha EF7200E Generator

    RRP: $2,599.00

    SALE Prices: $1,999.00

    Yamaha EF7200E, 6kVA Petrol AVR Generator, 4 year warranty

  • APH80RS1

    RRP: $2,736.00

    SALE Prices: $2,150.00

    Advanced Power Petrol 8kVA, powered by Honda, 3 year warranty
    Sold Out
  • Powerlite 8kVA Generator

    RRP: $2,659.00

    SALE Prices: $1,949.00

    Powerlite 8kVA, powered by Honda, 2 year warranty
  • Pramac P6000

    RRP: $8,903.00

    SALE Price: $6,699.00

    Pramac Yanmar 6kVA AVR Diesel Silenced Generator, Auto Start, 1 year warranty

  • Generac 13kva Gas Stand By Generator, HSG13KVA

    RRP: $7,999.00

    SALE Prices: $7,699.00

    New Stock Available 1/2/17. Pre-Order Now!

    Generac 13kVA AVR Gas Standby Generator, Auto Start, 3 year warranty.

If you choose the ‘depot pick up’ option during the checkout process, we will ship your generator to your local depot in Adelaide. By entering your postcode to the shipping method field (located on product pages) your closest depot will be displayed. You can arrange collection from this pick up point.

The depot pickup locations in Adelaide are:


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Please note that we do not routinely hold stock at the depot locations. Your generator is freighted to this location after the purchase is made. You will need to buy your generator from us online (or via phone 1300 400 122) after which we will ship your generator to your nominated pick up depot for your collection.

Picking up a high quality, portable generator in Adelaide has never been easier. On mygenerator.com.au you can browse the largest range of portable generators for sale in Australia. Save time and money and shop with My Generator now!